Perkumpulan – June 2018

Language and Culture: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Conducted by Prof. Nicolas Robert Hurst

Faculty of Letters, University of Porto, Portugal.


This interactive session will explore the relationships assumed to exist between ‘language’ and ‘culture’. There will be a discussion on the significance of ‘culture’ in the delivery of ‘language’ classes (TEFL) to consider some of the dangers and pitfalls that may arise if proper attention is not paid towards these relationships in planning FL classes and courses. Key theoretical aspects will be provided and discussed through reference to examples from the real world and the teaching world.

Prof. Nicolas Robert Hurst

Since 1989, a lecturer in English Language, Linguistics, Culture and ELT Methodology at the Faculty of Letters, University of Porto. Full-time teaching at various levels; currently responsible for the delivery of general English courses to first year undergraduates with additional responsibilities related to post-graduate teacher education courses and practicum supervision. Defended doctoral thesis in March 2014 under the title: Cultural Representation in Portuguese–Produced ELT Coursebooks (1981-2006). Course Director of an M.A. in English Language Teacher Education. Appointed Assistant Professor in English Studies in September 2015. Numerous articles/chapters published in Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, the USA and Portugal.


Date           :        19th June 2018

Venue        :        Department of English Language Teaching

Time          :        1.00 – 3.00 pm