Why should you select the English Language Teaching Unit to improve your English language proficiency?

  • The ELTU is the sole authorized body of the university to conduct courses in English as a second language. At the same time, the ELTU of the University of Kelaniya is one of the oldest and most prestigious ELT bodies of the country.

  • All the courses offered by the English Language Teaching Unit except the Certificate Course are credit-bearing and count towards your GPA and appear in the degree results sheet/ transcript. The ELTU courses therefore will add strength to your academic and professional profiles as evidence of English language learning at undergraduate level.

  • All the lecturers at the ELTU have prestigious national and international qualifications in English Language teaching.  Their interdisciplinary academic interests make them effective practioners of English language teaching in higher education.

  • Our lecturers are very student-friendly and you may discuss all your English language related problems with your lecturer. Maximum effort will be taken to address your needs and requirements.

  • While English courses are generally expensive in Sri Lanka, the ELTU offers a rare opportunity for the students to improve English language proficiency free of charge.

  • Our classes are activity-based, interactive and student-centered. Rather than teaching you the basics of English grammar, we intend to create an effective learning environment to maximize the use of English.  We expect our learners to actively participate in the lessons, ask questions, and freely interact with others rather than passively listening to our lectures and taking down notes.

  • Our life-long aim has been to make English available to all, and in keeping with this we invite you to make best use of our services.