Prabha Manuratne
B.A. (Kelaniya), M.A. (Kansas) - Lecturer

Prabha Manuratne has worked in the Department of English, University of Kelaniya since 2003. She is currently on study leave, reading for her PhD at the State University of New York at Buffalo, U.S.A. She is a graduate of the University of Kelaniya, and she went on to complete her M.A. Degree at Kansas State University, U.S.A. in 2007. She has also completed a Certificate in Women’s Studies, Kansas State University (2006) and a Diploma in Mass Communication (1994) at the Sri Lanka Media Foundation. Prior to joining the University of Kelaniya, she worked as a Temporary Assistant Lecturer at the University of Colombo from 2001 to 2003, as an instructor of English at the English Language Teaching Unit, Kelaniya University, and as a journalist at The Island newspaper (1994-1996). She is a junior Fulbright Fellow and was awarded the Earl R. Davies Award for the Best Student-Scholar at the English Department, Kansas State University in 2006. In addition to pursuing her graduate studies, she is also working as a Teaching Assistant in the Writing Program at SUNY at Buffalo.

Prabha’s research interests include representations of violence, gender and violence, and psychoanalytical readings of violence. Her research has often focused on manifestations of systemic violence as expressed in cultural texts from literature to film, art, and popular culture, and pornography. Her general theoretical interests lie in feminist theory, Marxism, and psychoanalysis. Her M.A. thesis focused on the impact of the 1977 economic liberalization policies upon cultural representation of women, gender, and sexuality in Sri Lanka. She is currently working on representations of violence in Middle Eastern and South Asian writing and film.

In the past, Prabha has taught courses on Critical Theory, Postcolonial Literature, Romantic Poetry, American Literature, and Metaphysical and Neo-Classical Poetry at the English Department of the Kelaniya University. As a Writing Instructor, she has taught 200 level courses to both native and non-native speakers of English at SUNY at Buffalo. In addition, she is a volunteer editor at Sethuka Publishers and worked as a volunteer at the Women’s Bank, Colombo (a savings bank of low-income urban and rural women) as both a teacher and a consultant on cultural affairs. She served on the editorial committee of the Humanities Journal at Kelaniya University in 2008-2009, and served as an editor on the UMBRA editorial committee at SUNY at Buffalo.

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