Diploma Course in Hindi Studies
Course Units
DHIN 03018
Hindi Language & Grammar
DHIN 03028
Comprehension,Composition & Translations
DHIN 03038
History of Hindi Language,Literature & North Indian Culture
DHIN 03046
Skills of Spoken and Written Expression
  • Minimum 6 Passes at the G.C.E O/L Examination.
  • Minimum 3 Passes at the G.C.E A/L Examination.
  • Prerequisite knowledge on Hindi Language is not necessary.
Course Duration
  • 10 Months (Weekend Lectures)
Examination Structure
  • Three Hour Question Papers for each Four Course Units
  • Compulsory Oral Test
  • The Certificate on Diploma in Hindi Language will be conferred to all the Students Who pass all above Question papers and Oral Test