"Hindi Prishad"

"Hindi Prishad" started in 1983 under the guidance of the academic staff of the Department of Hindi with the aim of developing the personality of the students of the Department of Hindi. The main objective of "Hindi Prishad" is to enhance the knowledge of Hindi, the North Indian culture, and the Hindi literature of the students who study Hindi, through which the students will be motivated to serve society. "Hindi Prishad" is open to all the students studying Hindi and annually elected office bearers direct the association. "Hindi Prishad" has conducted a variety of activities from its inception to develop the students’ language skills, knowledge of literature and creative talents. "Hindi Prishad" also launches different welfare activities focusing on social welfare in general. Every year, the "Prishad" conducts various programmes to celebrate the “Universal Hindi Day”.


2015 Office Bearers of the "Hindi Parishad"