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Call for papers

This issue of JAFA will advance our understandings of aesthetics and fine arts involved in processes of change. It aims to interrogate how people engage diverse media in creative practices that intervene in their own and others’ lives, the internationalities though which they do this, and the processes and experiences such activities involve.

We seek papers from graduate students engaged in Asian area studies in all levels and disciplines that engage “Asia” without necessarily being tethered to any one geographical, temporal or cultural framework. We encourage a variety of methodologies and approaches including but not limited to anthropology, art history, film history, musicology, and visual and cultural studies, with both a contemporary and historical focus.

Key areas include not limited to:

• The use of new technologies to carry out art historical research

• Nature of an online art practice

• The technical study of art objects

• Issues arising from contemporary art practice and environmental concerns

• The epistemological aspects of visual studies in university curricula

• The potentials of the applied science of images: interactions between art, film, design, fashion and    performance

• “Non-disciplinarily” as an approach to the multimedia image of the world

• Performance and the emotions

• Sound design in interactive media

• How theory of embodiment works in performance studies

• Film and the archive, Transnational collaborations

• Studies in National cinemas (especially Australian, East & South East Asian film).

• The history and development of the relationship between phenomenology and performance.

Completed articles will have to be submitted by 31st of January 2016

ISSN 2386-1428

Please contact or send abstracts to: Tharupathi Munasinghe

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it