Apprentice theatre workshop for Sujatha girls’ school

The Drama & Theatre special degree students have conducted an apprentice theatre workshop with academic staff on 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of May at ‘Sujatha girls’ school, Matara. On the second day of the workshop, the university students performed two Japanese Kyogan plays, “Waha” and “Kimbul Kandulu”, directed by the senior lecturer Mr. Priyankara Rathnayake. After successful completion of the three-day workshop, students of the ‘Sujatha College’ performed 05 short plays based on the stories from the, ‘Panchatantra’ (a selection of tales from ancient India), in a very impressive manner.

The Five dramas are as follows,

1.     Nil baldiyata wetunu hiwala

2.     Sinhaya, Siwala saha Buruwa

3.     Chandra rajuge wanara sanhaaraya

4.     Bahu buddhi saha eka buddhi

5.     Sangeethayata lol wu kotaluwa

All participants, school staff and the parents were delighted about the outcome of the three-day workshop.