Name: Ms. Vindhya Anuruddhika Weerawardhane
Designation: Lecturer (Probationary)
Department: Department of Linguistics
University Address: University of Kelaniya ,Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 071-4446114
Educational Qualifications :
01. M.Phil in Linguistics - (Merit Pass), University of Kelaniya (2012)
02. M.A in Linguistics (English Medium) - (Merit Pass), University of Kelaniya (2004)
03. B.A.(Special) in Linguistics (Hons), University of Kelaniya (2002)
Professional Qualifications :
01. Temporary Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Kelaniya. (March 2003- Dec. 2004)
02. Housing Development Assistant (Translations), Ministry of Housing & construction “Sethsiripaya”, Battaramulla.(2005-2009)
03. Graduate Teacher, Sri Lanka Teaching Service 3/1, WP/KE/S.K.K. Sooriarachchi Maha Vidyalaya , Kadawatha.(2009)
Other Qualifications :
01. Assist. Editor, “Prasada”, The Journal, Published by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.(2005-2006)
02. President, Linguistics Society. University of Kelaniya.(1998-1999)
03. Editor, Linguistics Society Magazine. University of Kelaniya.(1997-1998)
Proficiency in Tamil Language :
01. Diploma in Tamil Language (Merit Pass) - Department of Linguistics, University of   Kelaniya. (2012)
02. Certificate course in Modern Languages (Tamil) -  University of Kelaniya. (2000)
Research  &  Publications :
01. M. Phil Dissertation (Unpublished)- A Linguistic Analysis of Sinhala verb System (With reference to “Buthsarana”), -2012
02. Weerawardhana V.A. ,Linguistics and Stylistics - (In Sinhala) “Pasadika” - Essays honour of prof Keerthi Naranpanawa. P.P. 213-216.
03. Weerawardhana V.A., Significance of the Free Verse style of Mahagamasekara (In Sinhala) “Shasthri” - Essays in honour of Ven. Hiripitiye Pagngnakiththi Thero, P.P. 114-119.
04. Weerawardhana V.A., Problems and Solutions in Technical Translations.(In Sinhala) “Muditha” - Essays in honour ofDeshabandhu Sirisumana Godage, P.P. 545-549.
05. Weerawardhana V.A., Special Features of Mahagamasekara’s Free Verses.(In Sinhala)  “Chira Prabha” - Essays in honour of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero. P.P. 159-164.
06. V.A., Rythemics features of Mahagamasekara’s Free Verses. “Santhutthi” - Essays in honour of Ven. Iththepane Dhammalankara Thero, P.P. 331-344.
07. Braille Dissertation, forwarded to the evaluation test of the Course of Braille Methodology, Conducted by the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare (The Braille Translation of “Sripada Mala” by Prof. W.S. Karunathilake)
08. The Abstract of the Presentation in annual Research symposium - 2004. A stylistic analysis of Mahagamasekara’s free verses.
09. Weerawardhana V.A. 2002 “The compositionally of the semantic component in the language” (In Sinhala) Samprekshana: Journal of linguistics society of the Department of Linguistics Vol. 4 PP 113-120.
10. Weerawardhane V.A. “The way of application logical theories to study the structure of the natural languages” (In Sinhala): Rev. Galkiriyagama Wimalananda Thero, Anurin Indika Diwakara & Nadeera Srojani Jayathunga (eds.) “Dinesa” a Journal of linguistic, Sinhalese Language and Sociology P.P. 38-60.
11. B.A. Dissertation (Unpublished) A stylistic analysis of Mahagamasekara’s free verses. (With reference to “Prabuddha”) -2001
Translations :
01. “Eco Friendly Bricks” - (Translated article, from “Bulleting,” theconstruction journal) “Prasada”, The Journal published by the Ministry of Housing and Construction - PP - 26-27. (July - Sep 2005)
02. “Mahathma Gandhi and The New Word” - (Translated article of “The Third word Tomorrow - by Paul Harrison). “Prasada” The journal published by the Ministry of Housing and Construction - PP 33-35. (Jan-Mar. 2006)
03. “The Housing Policy” Subsequent the independence (Translation of the Housing Policy - in 1954), “Prasada” The journal published by the Ministry of Housing and Construction PP 9-10. (Sep. 2006)
Scholarships,  Medals  &  Prizes :
01.Ven. Kudawelle Sri Wangeesa Memorial Award. (The Scholarship for the student who obtained the highest marks for Linguistics in the Frist Exam in the University of Kelaniya). 1999
02. Mahapola Higher Education (Merit) scholarship. 1996 – 1997