Diploma  in Translation and Interpretation

1. Introduction :

Translation (= translatology) is a sub-branch of Applied Linguistics which comes under General Linguistics. In Applied Linguistics the findings and methods of General linguistics are employed to solve practical problems related to translation.

Since1972,the Department of Linguistics, at the University of Kelaniya is engaged in teaching and undertaking research in this discipline. The graduates in fact who are equipped with this knowledge serve in various capacities in the government as well as in the  private sector. As there is a new awakening in the society, the necessity for translators and interpreters has arisen considerably in the contemporary society. At this juncture the Department of Linguistics extends its performance to fulfill this requirement by introducing the Course of Diploma in Translation and Interpretation. The basic objective of this course is to produce Professional Translators and Interpreters with theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The theoretical component of this course of study consists of six essay / structural  type question papers and a viva . In order to fill the practical  component the activities on translation and interpretation shall be given. A special emphasis will be laid on practical aspects.

Throughout this syllabus, the term Language A is used for Sinhala/Tamil and Language B is used for Sinhala/Tamil/English. The language A refers to the first language of the candidates and language B refers to second language of the candidates.

i) Course Title :      Diploma in Translation and Interpretation

ii) Course Duration :      One year

(Weekend, Part time, 30 credits - 06 course units)

Semester I

Course Code


DTRI  01015

Introduction to Translation

DTRI  01025

Aspects of Language and Language Skills

DTRI  01035

Language skills: Language B

Semester II

DTRI  02045

Interpretation/Simultaneous Translation

DTRI  02055

Practical Translation  I

(Translation of Texts on Physical Science, Industry, Technology and Social Sciences)

DTRI  02065

Practical Translation  II

(Translation of Legal , Administration and  Commerce Documents)

iii) Medium of Instruction:     Bi-lingual, Sinhala/English(Tamil is used where necessary)

2. Entry  Requirements:

i)    Candidates who have passed G.C.E. (O/L) or  similar examinations recognized by the University of Kelaniya


ii)   All candidates who have obtained a credit pass (55 points) in the proficiency examination conducted by the Department of Linguistics of the Kelaniya University.

3. The Objective of the Programme :

The objective of the program is to provide candidates with necessary

knowledge  and practice required for  professional translators/ interpreters.