Name: Prof. Niroshini Gunasekera
Designation: Professor
Department: Department of Modern Languages
University Location: (Room Number) K2 122
University Address:
Department of Modern Languages,
University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Telephone: (Extension) 799/ (Office) +94-11-2-903733
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Administrative Experience:
• Head-Department of Modern Languages(1997- 1998)
• Acting Head-Department of Modern Languages(1999-2006)
• Subject Head- French Studies
Educational Qualifications:
• B.A. Kelaniya (Sri Lanka)
• Licence de Lettres modernes- Université Paul Valery - Montpellier III- France
• Licence de Lettres modernes (Mention FLE) - Université Paul Valery- Montpellier III- France
• Maitrise de Lettres modernes- Littérature comparée - Université Paul Valery- Montpellier III- France
• Master II- Traductologie – Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III – France
• 3rd Year of Doctoral Studies- Traductologie – Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III – France
• French Language, literature, culture, Francophone literature,Translation
Research Interests:
• Women and literature, Translation, Francophone literature, Comparative literature
Current Research Activities:
Translation Studies, Translation of Sri Lankan Culture into French
Special Training:
• Comparative literature, Francophone literature, Translation Studies
Selected Publication:
• Therese Desqueyroux de Francois Mauriac- critical analysis (University of Kelaniya-Journal-Faculty - of Humanities), 2003
• The existentialist movement (University of Kelaniya-Journal-Faculty of Humanities), 2004
• Mme Bovary- Flaubert. A critical analysis (University of Kelaniya-Journal-Faculty of Humanities), 2006
• La vraie douleur de Marguerite Duras, analyse du roman La Douleur de Marguerite Duras
• Simone de Beauvoir et le féminisme
• Cocteau, Maison de Santé, analyse de desseins
Translations into Sinhala from French
• Waasanawanthamaranayak(Une mort trèsdouce by Simone de Beauvoir)- a publication by the Centre for European studies, University of Kelaniya, 1999
• SaagarayataWellak, (Un Barrage contre le Pacifique by Marguerite Duras) Vidarshana Publications, 2003, Prashastha award, Presidential awards 2004
• Aadarawanthaya, (L’Amant, Marguerite Duras), Samayawardhana Publications, 2005)
• Uthurucheenayéaadarawanthaya(L’Amant de la Chine du Nord, Marguerite Duras) Samayawardhana Publications, 2007)
• Api kohedayannethaaththé? (Où on va, papa ?, Jean-Louis Fournier, Samayawardhana Publications, 2009)
• Ohuenathuru, La douleur, Marguerite Duras (Samayawardhana Publications, 2010)
L’adversaire by Emanuel Carrère, Aathmagaathakaya ( Samayawardhana Publications, 2015)
Les souvenirs de David Foenkinos, Sadeepa Publishers (being published)