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Calling Application for Diploma in Pāli and Buddhist Studies - 2018

University of Kelaniya – Sri Lanka

Department of of Pāli and Buddhist Studies

Diploma in Pāli and Buddhist Studies (One Year)

Application will be accepted for the Diploma in Pāli and Buddhist Studies (One Year) which is the qualification for the higher Diploma in Pāli and Buddhist Studies (One Year) and the B.A. Degree in Pāli and Buddhist Studies.

Admission Requirements: Recognized certificate of G.C.E. (General Certificate of Education) Advanced Level examination High School certificate Pathamagyi certificate ect. or equivalent.

Course Duration: The Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies will be conducted over a period of one year.  Lectures, practical, tutorials and other academic activities will be carried out over a period of at least 30 weeks.

Advantage: After the completion of one year period in this course candidates will be accepted to the Higher Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies.  Candidate who completed the Higher Diploma are eligible to enter the General and Special B.A. Degree Programms in Pali and Buddhist Studies

Application Procedure: Application forms and other relevant information can be obtained from the Head of the Department, Pali & Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka or the following web site.  The academic year normally begins in January each year.  Accordingly candidates for 2018 should submit their applications on or before 1st January 2018.

Hostel Not available our University

Course fee US $ 600

Further Details: Please visit our web site link at http://hu.kln.ac.lk/depts/palibuddhist/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=32 or contact Course Co- ordinator / Head: 94+11+2914492, 94+11+2683448, +94+714932990. Fax No. 94+11+2913857, 94+11+2911485. e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Registrar, University of Kelaniya

Application form>>>


Pali Language


The following fields can be studied under the subject Pali.


Buddhist Philosophy

Under title Buddhist philosophy the under mentioned topics,


Buddhist Culture


The following headings are covered in Buddhist culture.