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Ven. Professor,Tharele Dhammaratana Thero


B.A. (Kel’ya) M.A. (BHU), Ph.D. (Delhi)

Ven. Professor Kollupitiye Mahinda Thero

B.A. (Kel’ya), M.A. (Delhi), Ph.D (Delhi), Dip in Psychology & Counseling

Ven. Professor Nabirittankadawara Gnanaratana Thero

B.A. (Kel’ya), M.A. (B&PU), Ph.D. (Delhi), Pracina Pandita

Professor Udita Garusinha


Ven. Professor, Makuruppe Dhammananda Thero

B.A., M.A., (Kel’ya) M.A. (BPU) Ph.D. (Delhi), Rajakeeya Panditha

Ven. Professor Naotunne Wimalagnana Thero

B.A. (Hons)., M.A., M.S.S.C., Ph.D.(Kel’ya)., Dip. in Edu (Colombo)

Ven. Dr. Dodamkumbure Dhammadassi Thero

Senior Lecture Gr.I

B.A., M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Kel’ya)., Dip.( Arch)

Dr. I. Rajitha PushpaKumara

Senior Lecture Gr. I

B.A., M.A., M.Phil.,(Kel’ya) Ph.D. (Renmin, China)

Ven. Alubomulle Dhammalankara Thero

Senior Lecturer Gr. II

B.A., (Kel’ya) M.A. (B&PU), M.Phil (Kel'ya), Pracina Panditha

Ven.Dr. Deniyaye Pgnanaloka Thero

Senior Lecturer Gr. II B.A., M.A., M.Phil.(Kel’ya)

Ven. Dr. Welimadagama Kusaladhamma Thero

Senior Lecturer Gr. II

B.A., M.A., M.Phil. (Kel'ya), Ph.D (West, USA), PG.Dip. (B&PU), Pracina Pandita

Dr. Gamini Wijayasinghe

Senior Lecturer Gr. II

B.A., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D (Kel'ya)., PGD in Edu (Colombo), Pracina Pandita

Mr. Aruna K. Gamage

Lecturer (On Study Leave)

B.A., M.A., M.Phil. (Kel'ya)

Dr. Amila Kaluarachchi


B.A. (USJP)., M.A. (B&PU)., PhD (USJP)., Dip. in Psy. & Co. (SLMHF)

Name:Ven.Dr. Dodamkumbure Dhammadassi TheroDesignation:Senior Lecturer Grade IDepartment:Department of Pali & Buddhist Studies
University Location:(Room Number) K2 105Telephone:(Office) +94-0112903738/ (Residence) +94-0112914450/
(Mobile) +94-0718731707
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Google Scholar 

Educational Qualifications:
Ph.D. (Buddhist Architecture) - 2011
M.Sc. (Buddhist Art and Architecture) - 1998
M.A. (Buddhist Studies) - 1993
Dip. (Archeology) - 1992
B.A. (Hons.) (Buddhist Culture) - 1991
Teaching Experience:
Senior Lecturer Grade I , since 2008.
Senior Lecturer Grade II , 2002 -2008.
Probationary Lecturer, 1997.
Temporary Assistant Lecturer, 1992 - 1997
Administrative Experience:
Director - Inter faculty Center for Coordinating the Modular System -ICCMS (Appointed by the council):2015 -2018
Chief Student Counselor: 2017/05/25 - 2017/10/16
Director- Student Affairs 2017/03/20 - 2017/05/25
Examination Qualification Reviewing Board member -since 2017
Member of the Art Council, University of Kelaniya -since 2017
Faculty web master: 2012-2014
Member of the Computer Committee of the University of Kelaniya: 2012 - 2014
Member of the Examination Discrepancy Committee of the University of Kelaniya (Appointed by the Senate) 2012- 2015
Member of the Admission Committee of the University of Kelaniya (Appointed by the Senate): 2012- 2015
President of the Bodhi Establishment Committee of the University of Kelaniya: 2011
Chief Student Counselor: 2005 - 2008
Board Member of Sports Advisory Board  of the IXth Sri Lanka University Games : 2007
Member of the Center for Open and Distance Learning Management Commitee (Appointed by the Senate ):  2005- 2013
Deputy Chief Student Counselor: 2004 - 2005
Senate Member of the Faculty of Humanities: since 2003- 2015
Secretary of Teachers' Association of the University of Kelaniya: 2002-2004.
Secretary of the Buddha statue construction committee, University of Kelaniya: 2001-2002.
Secretary of Welfare Society of Faculty of Humanities: since 2002
Student Counselor: 2000 - 2004
Academic Warden: 2000 - 2002
Academic Sub-warden: 1998 - 2000
1. The origin and development of the forest tradition - 2011.
2. The characteristic of the Sri Lankan Buddha image - 2010
3.The Development of the Sri Lankan Buddha image -2008
4. The Historical Medamahavihara -2008
Research Articles:
1. "Emergence of Sri Lankan Buddha Stature: Evolution and Identities", Budu-Pilima Purāṇaya (Tr. History of Buddha Image), Department of Buddhist Cultural Affairs, Colombo. 2015
2. The Consequences of Buddha Statue Worship; with Special Reference to Tathāgata- Bimba- Kārāpana Sūtra. 2013, Journal of Shāsthree, 119-124 pages.
3. A critical study of Buddhist Vihara Nomenclature, its origin and development. 2012
4. A critical study of ancient Sri Lankan Buddhist monasteries. 2012, Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Vol.16, 13-26 pages.
5. The historical incidents and situations that form the basis of monastic architecture. 2011
6. The position of the cow in Buddhist literature. 2011, ANUDĪPANĀ, 268-281 pages.
7. An inquiry in to Buddhist monastic administration. 2009
8. A Theravadi analysis of the poem. 2007, Sumanaprabhā, 236-250 pages.
9. Is the second council a historically true? 2008, Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Vol.05, 23-37 pages.
10. A critical study of the monastic and architectural features of the residential in the Buddha’s time as found in the canon. 2002/2005
11. A critical study of the residences of monks in the time of the Buddha and approved by him. 2005
12. The symbols in Buddhist literature. 2004
13. Buddhism and other religious believe in Pre -Arahant Mahinda era in Sri Lanka.2002, SĀRADHĀ, 2nd Issue, Vol.01,94-113 pages.
14. The characteristic of Buddha image. 1999
15. The concept of museum introduced to the world by Sri Lankans. 1998
16. The Buddhist monasteries in the time of the Buddha. 1996
Research Interest:
Buddhist Art and Architecture 
Comparative Religions
Sri Lankan Buddhist Culture
Current Research Activities:
A Critical Study of the Beginning and development of Buddha Image the Art of Japanese Buddha Images
Special Field: Buddhist Art and Architecture
Educational Research:
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Topic: A Critical Study of the textual influences on the beginning and Development of Buddhist   Monastic Architecture.
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
1. Archeological conservation      2. Archeological Excavation              3. Ancient Technology
4. Historical Geography               5. Inscriptions and Numismatics       6. Museology
Research topic: A Critical Study of the Bronze Buddha Images in Sri Lanka.
• Master of Arts (M.A.)
1. Buddhist Vinaya and Monastic Organization.        2. Sri Lankan Commentarial Tradition   
3.Origins of Mahayana and Mahayana Literature.     4. Social Dimension of Buddhism
5. Development of the Concept of the Buddha
Research topic: The Buddhist Attitude on the views of other religions on the origins of world society and life
• Diploma in Archeology
1. Principle and Methods in Archeology                 2. Proto- History and Pre- History                                           3. Archeology and Cartography                            4. History of Art                                                                    5. Environmental Archeology
• Diploma in World Religions
1. Buddhism        2. Hinduism         3.Judaism        4.Christianity      5. Islam              6. Confucianism                 7. Taoism            8.Shintoism
• Diploma in Vinaya (Vinayãcãrya)
1. Parajika Pali     2.Cullavagga Pali     3.Mahavagga Pali    4.Parivara Pali     5.Pacittiya Pali
International & National Workshop/Seminar/Conference, religious Ceremony Presentations & Participations:
Workshop on e-learning program, University of Kelaniya - 2006
United Nation Day of Vesak Celebration Conference (B.E.2549), Bangkok - 2006
Buddhist Conference, Indian mahabodhi Society of Buddhagaya Centre - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013
Buddhist Conference, Indian mahabodhi Society of Saranath Centre - 2011, 2012
Workshop on Buddhist Meditation, Singapore Samadhi Buddhist Society - 2008, 2012
Religious Ceremony of China Buddhist Association of Yunnan Province China, Tibet - 2010
Seminar of The Centre for Asian Buddhist Cultural Exchange, Japan - 1st to 6th Nov. 2013
Religious Ceremony - Texas, United States of America 2015/11/24 - 2015/12/26
Buddhist Conference, India and Nepal - 2017/02/15 - 2017/10/16



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