The Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies is one of the oldest departments that exists in the faculty of Humanities and has an outstanding international reputation. It is a vigorous and expanding center of teaching and research and remains deeply committed to the study of Pali and Buddhist Studies. The department handles three main disciplines. They are Pali, Buddhist Philosophy and Buddhist Culture.

In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate courses a Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies for foreign students is also offered. The medium of instruction of the Diploma is English.Graduate and Post Graduate Studies can be followed either in Sinhala or in English.

Although the disciplines of Pali and Buddhist Studies are steep in tradition the Department has a modern following too, and provides the opportunity to use literary, historical, philosophical, and social scientific approaches to the study of Pali and Buddhist Studies.

Each year, approximately 300 students take at least one course in Pali and Buddhist Studies, and many of them continue as major, medial, or minor concentrators. The students of this Department play an active role as reflected in the Departmental student societies, publication of journals and the research programmes.

All students with or without religious affiliation are invited to join in the study of Pali and Buddhist Studies.


Pali Language


The following fields can be studied under the subject Pali.


Buddhist Philosophy

Under title Buddhist philosophy the under mentioned topics,


Buddhist Culture


The following headings are covered in Buddhist culture.