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•Diploma Course in Sinhala
•One Academic Year
A pass in G.C.E . O.L. or an equal lent qualification

•Special preference will be given to candidates who have professional experience of one year or more in journalism.

•Weekend course
•Duration- One academic year
•Consists of four compulsory academic units
•Course credit units- 30

Course Unit
Course Symbols Course Credit Units
Course hours
DSIN 03018
Introduction to Sinhala Language 08          
DSIN 03028 
Practical writing Skills       
DSIN 03037 
Classical Sinhala Literature 07   
DSIN 03047 Modern Sinhala  Literature 07     

Although Sinhala is the mother tongue of the majority of Sri Lankans, there are problems with regard to the correct usage of Sinhala. The inappropriate usage  of language in printed as well as electronic media is a threat to the healthy development of the language. Developing a correct appreciation of the Sinhala Language and literature as well as developing a correct and expressive power of language is the fundamental aim of this course.


•At the end of this course Candidates will be able to acquire knowledge of basic grammatical forms and develop their linguistic expression and enhance their appreciation of literature.

Method of evaluation:

•Candidates should obtain a pass in DSIN 03018, DSIN 03028, DSIN 03037 and DSIN 03047 at the 3 hour written examinations held at the end of the second semester

Criteria of Evaluation:

•Ordinary Pass – Candidates should obtain a minimum of 40 marks in each of the examination papers.

•Credit Pass – Candidates should obtain a pass in all subjects in their first attempt at the examination and should obtain an average of 70% or more.

•Referred – Obtain passes in three of the examinational papers and a D grade pass in one of the four examination papers. The Referred candidates should obtain a pass in their respective subject within the next three academic years.

•Failures – Candidates who obtain D Grade or E Grade passes in more than one of the examination papers. Failures should complete the Examination successfully within the next three academic years.

Grading Scheme:

Mark                   Grade

70-100                A

55-69                  B

40-54                  C

25-39                  D

00-24                  E

•Candidates who successfully complete the examination will be awarded The Diploma in Sinhala Certificate by the University of Kelaniya, SRI LANKA.