prospectus of the certificate course in sinhala for foreign students

•This prospectus is a guide to applicants from overseas for admission to the certificate course in Sinhala. The rules and regulations pertaining to registration and fees included here are subject to change from time to time.

University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka.

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Fax: +94-11-2-908167

Head of the Department,
Department of Sinhala,
University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone: +94-11-2-914493
Fax: +94-11-2-911913

Application Forms for registration may be obtained from the registrar of the University of Kelaniya.   Duly completed application forms should be returned to: The Head, Department of Sinhala, University of Kelaniya,  Kelaniya,  Sri Lanka.

One Year Certificate Course in Sinhala for Foreign Students

The duration of the Certificate Course in Sinhala for foreign students - One Year is one academic year, which consists two semesters. The academic year of the university normally begins in October. The Candidates who wish to gain admission for this course are advised to submit their applications before 30th July.

• No prior knowledge of Sinhala (either spoken or written) is expected.
• Candidates should posses a certificate equivalent to G. C. E. (General Certificate of Education) Advanced Level examination for admission to the course. If the certificates are not in English, they should be accompanied by an official English translation.
• Candidates must be able to communicate in English.

Those who are offered admission should make satisfactory arrangements before entry to Sri Lanka with regard to their financial support and accommodation for the whole period of the course at the University.

It will not be difficult for the foreign students to find accommodation around the University for reasonable rates.

The applicants will be informed the date to arrive in Sri Lanka on Student Visa.

The classes will be conducted in English and Sinhala media.

The whole Examination will consist of 4 components as follows:

Part I SINH SCCF 101 Introduction to sinhala Language

Part II SINH SCCF 102 Usage of Sinhala Language

Part III SINH SCCF 103 Sinhala Culture

Part IV SINH SCCF 104 Oral Test

1.Candidates must pass in all the Four components – i.e. Five written papers and the oral examination.

2. The minimum pass marks for each component will be 40%.

3.  65% - 100 will be considered as a merit pass.

Acquirement of higher marks for each paper in the certificate course in Sinhala (at least a C pass) will be considered the qualification to be enrolled for the Diploma Course in Sinhala.

Annual fees for the certificate in Sinhala

Foreign Students from SAARC members countries US$300

Other foreign students US $ 500

Registration fees Rs. 100



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For any other assistance you may contact the course coordinator in the following address.

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