The University of Kelaniya takes the discipline of Sinhala studies to the world for the first time

As a result of the recently signed MOUs between the University of Kelaniya and a few universities in China, the University of Kelaniya has volunteered to provide resources to initiate Sinhala language courses in those universities and to start student exchange programmes.

In this regard, the Vice-Chancellor has given permission to start a Department of Sinhala in the Chongqing Normal University at the beginning of the next month and to appoint Dr. Swarna Ihalagama, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Sinhala for that task. In addition, the Vice-Chancellor has appointed Venerable MalwaneChandarathanaThero, a Senior Lecturer to provide services as a lecturer attached to the Department of Sinhala of the Beijing Foreign Studies University in China.

Because of such initiatives undertaken by the University of Kelaniya to take Sinhala language to the international level, all arrangements have been made to conduct these courses starting from September 2015.

In addition to all this, a group of undergraduates who are studying Sinhala language in the above mentioned universities are expected to arrive in the University of Kelaniya at the beginning of the next month. They will be pursuing advanced studies related to Sinahala language attached to the Department of Sinhala of the University of Kelaniya.