Name: P. Wijith Rohan Fernando
Designation: Senior Lecturer Gr. II
Department: Western Classical Culture & Christian Culture
University Location: K20 002
Telephone: 0112987108, 07776250273
E mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Academic Qualifications:
1984-1985:  Pre-Philosophate, Kalutara – One year course in Philosophy.
1985-1987:  Pontifical Urban University, Rome. B.Ph. (The Baccalaureate in Philosophy – Second Class Lower Division (Cum Laude Probatus).
1987-1991:  Pontifical Urban University, Rome. B.Th. (The Baccalaureate in Theology- Second Class Upper Division (Magna Cum Laude Prabatus).
2004-2006:  University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy).

2010-2011:  Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Master of Advanced Studies in Theology & Religion (Magna Cum Laude) Sacrae Theologiae Licentiatus (S.T.L.1).

Teaching Experience:
1992-2004:  Teacher, St. Sebastian’s College, Uyana, Moratuwa.
2005, 3rd of May to 15th August:   Appointed as a Temporary Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Western Classical Culture & Christian Culture.
2005, 15th August to 2008: Appointed to the Post of Probationary Lecturer.
2008-2011:  Appointed to the Post of Lecturer.
2006-to date:   Appointed as a lecturer of the MA Programme in Drama and Theatre on “Passion Plays in Sri Lanka”, Department of Fine Arts-Drama & Theater and Image Art Unit.
2008-to date:   Appointed as a lecturer of the MA Programme in Christian Studies, Department of Western Classical Culture & Christian Culture.
2011- to date:  Appointed as Senior Lecturer (Gr. II).
Academic and Professional Training:
2006:  Successfully completed a Staff Development Programme on Academic Skills conducted by the English Language Teaching Unit, University of Kelaniya.
2007: Successfully completed a Staff Development Course for Probationary Lecturers conducted by the Staff Development Unit of the University of Kelaniya.
2012: Successfully completed the training of Trainers Workshop on the Primer Series on ICTD for Youth conducted by United Nations Centre on ICT for Development.
2014: Participated in the Workshop on Cultural Fluency organized and conducted by the Sri Lanka Foundation.
Research and Publications:
Books: (Published in Native Language – Sinhala)
New Christmas Carols and Hymns, Colombo: Centre for Society and Religion, 1996.
Colombo: Centre for Society and Religion, 1997.
Passion Play Tradition of Maggona, Diyalagoda, Payagala, Kalamulla, Wadduwa and Moratuwa Colombo: Centre for Society and Religion, 1997.

Artifacts of Traditional Passion Plays of Sri Lanka, (ed.), Colombo: Tower Hall Foundation & the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, 1998.

Passion Plays of Sri Lanka: A Research on Negombo-Pitipana Passion Play, Colombo: Godage, 1998.
Radio, Then, Now and Tomorrow, (ed.), Colombo: Malpiyali, 2000.
25 Years of Television in Sri Lanka…, (Research Plan & Editor), Colombo: Godage, 2004.

For Service…: Vignettes of Parish Life of Fr. Ernest Poruthota, (ed.), Coombo: Catholic Media Foundation, 2006.

History, Forms and Usage of Passion Plays in Sri Lanka, Colombo:  Godage, 2009.

Christmas in Buttala: A Cinema-Television Script on Rev. Fr. Michael Rodrigo, Colombo: Godage, 2009.

Dynamics of Christian Liberation: A Collection of Articles Published in ‘Shravaka’ Magazine, Colombo: Godage, 2012.
Tharakayano: World’s First Passion Play in Ballet Style, (ed.), Colombo: Godage, 2013.
Christian Thinkers: An Undergraduate Study Guide Book, Colombo: Godage, 2013.
Articles to Honour Aloysius Pieris s.j., (ed.), Kelaniya: Centre for Hearing Impaired Children, 2014.
Books: (Published in English)
Original Sin in the Oberammergau Passion Play: A Study Based on the Passion Play Script of Oberammergau 1960, Colombo: Godage, 2013.
Research Articles: (Published in Native Language – Sinhala)

“The Influence of the European Medieval Drama on the Passion Plays,” Savana 10th series, Centre for Society and Religion, 2007, 38-62.

“On the Buddhist Christian Traditional Roots and the Relationship between the Christian Community in Vahakotte and the Buddhist Community of the Bambawa Raja Maha Viharaya in Galewela,” Yearly Christmas Journal, Lake House, 2007, 101-104.

“Theological Meaning of Christmas,” Yearly Christmas Journal, Lake House, 2007, 17-19.

“The Ban on the Boralessa Passion Play,” Journal of the Faculty of Humanities (6th Issue), 2008, 174-203.

“Christian Antiquity of Matara,” Matara Wansaya, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, 2008, 506-511.
Duwa Passion Play Tradition,” Negombo-Duwa Traditional Passion Play, Publication of Drama & Theatre and Image Art Unit, University of Kelnaiya, 2009, 42-47.
“St. Augustine of Hippo.” Dekma (3rd edition), Godage, 2011, 146-160.
“Kitusara and the Prophetic Mission”, Twentieth Anniversary of Kithusara, Kithusara Group, 2012, 156-173.
“Book Review, Krisansa, Vol. 1, No. 1, Christian Culture Society, University of Kelaniya, 2013, June,133-146.

“Tradition and the New Outlook of the Sri Lankan Christmas Songs”, Krisansa, Vol, 1, No. 2, Christian Culture Society, University of Kelaniya, 2013, December, 40-52.

"කිතුනු සභා ඉතිහාසයේ පැතිකඩක්", මානවශාස්ත්‍ර පීඨ ශාස්ත්‍රීය සංග්‍රහය, 19 වෙනි කලාපය, මානව ශාස්ත්‍ර පීඨය, කැලණිය විශ්වවිද්‍යාලය,2014, පිටු අංක 112-127.
”ලාංකේයපාස්කු-දුඃඛප‍්‍රාප්ති නාට්‍යයේ ඉතිහාසය හා විකාශනය ඇසුරින් ‘තාරකයාණෝ’ පාස්කු නාට්‍ය ඉඟිනළුව පිළිබඳ විමර්ශනයක්”, තුඟු අමරාවලෝකනය, කිතුසර කණ්ඩායම, කළුතර, 2015, පිටු, 123-136.
”මාඝාත එදා සහ අද” හඳගම සොයායෑම, උදිත ගයාෂාන් ගුණසේකර (සංස්.), සුරස ප‍්‍රකාශන, කොළඹ, 2015, 125-134.
Journal Articles in English:
“John Henry Newman’s Theory of Doctrinal Development”, Vagdevi, Vol. 7, No., 1, 2013, 25-48.
Krisansa : A Journal Published by The Christian Culture Society, (General Editor), Vol. 1, No. 1 & 2, 2013, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2014.
“The Origin of the European Mediaeval Drama”, International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology, Vol. 3 No. 1; January 2016, 100-116.
"School Students as Film makers", Cinesith 4: International Film Journal from Sri Lanka, 2005, 40-43.
Articles Published in Newspapers:
2014 - "What State Leadership, Sri Lankan Christians Should Aspire?" Published in Ravaya on 14th December 2014.
Translated an English article into Sinhala on “Catholic Social doctrine and its Traditional roots” Written by Rev. Fr. Wimal Thrimanne, Published in the 10th Series of “Sanvana”.
A series of articles on the book of Genesis in Sinhala, based on the biblica Commentaries of the Christian Community Bible, Published in “Bakthi Prabodhanaya”  Magazine.
Translated the Commentary of the Two Gospels (Mathew & Mark) in Christian Community Bible into Sinhala
A series of translated articles on Planetary Theology written by Rev. Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, Published in Bakthi Prabodhanaya Magazine since August, 2013.
Presentation of Seminar Papers:
Presented a Research Paper on “A Comprehensive Study of the History, Form and Usage of Passion Plays in Sri Lanka” at the 8th Annual Research Symposium held by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya  2007.
Presented a Research Paper on “A Comprehensive Study on Infancy Narratives of the Gospels” at the 9th Research Symposium held by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya 2008.
Presented a Research Paper on “Ear in Moonbeams” a documentary film (DV cam/Colour /36Mins) on hearing impaired children in Sri Lanka at the International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSSL) held by the Research Centre for Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya 2008.
Presented a seminar paper on "The Role of the Sri-Lankan Christian Churches in Post-War Reconciliation and Peacebuilding" at the 15th Annual Research Symposium in 2014. (Presentation Slides)
Talks and Seminars Conducted/Participated:

Talks delivered on Media Ethics and Children, Religious Values and other current topics over Sri Lanka Broadcasting Cooperation (SLBC) as a resource person of the National Christian Council.

Participated as a resource person on Christian Liturgical Drama in Television Media.
Delivered a talk on “The Missionary Principals of Fr. Joseph Vaz” at a seminar held in National Seminary, Ampitiya, Kandy, 2009.
Delivered a talk on “An Analysis on Christian Social Movement in Sri-Lanka” at the 5th anniversary of Sadaranay magazine held in Centre for Religion & Society, Colombo, 2011.
Delivered a talk on “Church History” at a seminar held for grass root activists of Christians in Sri-Lanka in Negombo, 2013.
Delivered a talk on “The Church and the Lay Movement” for the laity and the priests of the diocese of Anradhapura, 2013.
Conducted a two day seminar for the laity of Polonnaruwa, Higurakgoda, Palugasdamana and Minneriya in the diocese of Anuradhapura, 2014.
Delivered a talk on "The Path that the Asian Liberation Theology Should Move" at the certificate awarding ceremony organized by Kithusara Theological Diploma Course on 16th August, 2014 held in Negombo.
Creative Work in Art and Culture:
Scripted a Documentary Film Produced by National Rupavahini on the Relation Between Traditional Passion Songs Written by Fr. Jacome Gonsalves and the Traditional Folk Songs in Sri Lanka, 2000.
Script Writing for Stage Dramas, Documentary TV Films, Short Tele-Dramas Mainly on Nativity and Passion Narratives of the Bible.
Acquired the skill on Writing Film Scripts by Following a Course, Conducted by The Asian Cinema Centre, Under Guidance of internationally acclaimed Film Director, Prasanna Withanage.
Wrote the script and Directed a documentary film “Ear in Moonbeams” for the Centre for Education of Hearing Impaired Children in Lumbini Mawatha, Dalugama, Kelaniya, 2008.  Video Part 1 / Video Part 2
Documentary Film on Christian Contribution to Drama, Literature, Art, Music Cinema in Sri Lanka, 2009.
Current Research Activities:

Research on the Doctoral Thesis:
The Influence of the Pre-Vatican and the Post-Vatican II Theology on
the Theological Thinking of the Passion Play Scripts of Oberammergau.

Research Interest:
World Passion Plays in Relation to Sri Lanka : A Study Based on Their Biblical Theology.
Received the State Literary Award certificate of 2010 for the nomination of the book History, Forms and Usage of Passion Plays in Sri Lanka.