The Subject 

Western Classical Culture deals with the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome . : The study includes areas such as the following.

Civilization, history, antiquities, art, philosophy, drama, and theatre, literature, literary criticism and languages, Greek & Latin etc.


Teaching is done mainly in the English medium but Sinhala medium students are also welcome. Hence, lectures are done in both the English and Sinhala mediums.


The student population consists of:

A. General Degree - Internal

B. Special Degree - Internal

C. Students following Auxiliary course - Internal Auxiliary course

D. General Degree - External

Student - Staff Activity

i) Drama- "Sthri Virodhi" Produced and Directed under the patronage of the Research Publication Unit of the University of Kelaniya .

ii) Magazine - Oracle - Three volumes have been produced by the students of WCC.