Desired Graduate Profile

Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya

BA (genaral/special) GRADUATES produced by the university of kelaniya will be capable of:


  1. 1. Special Knowledge

1.1   Higher – order thinking acquired through the mastery of a body of knowledge,including an understanding of board conceptual and theoretical elements in the major fields of study.

1.2   Understanding and appreciation of current issues and debates in relation to the subject they have studied.

1.3   Understanding and appreciation of philosophical bases, methodologies, pedagogies and characteristics of scholarship, research, and creative work.


  1. 2. General intellectual skills and capacities

They will have

2.1   Capacity for conceptual, critical, comparative, and reflective thinking.

2.2  Intellectual openness and curiosity.

2.3   Capacity for creativity, originality and problem solving.

2.4  Information literacy for effective and efficient data handling.

2.5   Awareness of the distinctive characteristics of the Sri Lankan socio – political and religious – cultural dimensions as well as the global dimensions of intellectual, political, and economic affairs.

2.6  Ability to communicate knowledge effectively in written and spoken forms of the native languages, in English and other modern languages.

2.7   Ability to comprehend qualitative information and to manipulate numerical calculations.

2.8  Ability to make appropriate use of advanced information and communication technologies.


  1. 3. Personnel Qualities

They will be responsible citizens with:

3.1   Intellectual integrity in research and other academic interactions.

3.2   Enthusiasm and enjoyment of discovering and learning new ideas.

3.3   Ability to work independently as well as in collaboration with others.

3.4   Self – discipline and the ability to plan and achieve personal and professional goals.

3.5   Ability to accept social and civic responsibilities, a willingness to engage in constructive public discourses and to lead the community.

3.6   Respect for the rights and values of different individuals and groups.

3.7    Acceptance of dissenting views.

3.8   Appreciation of religious, ethnic and cultural diversity.

3.9   Respect for responsible, social and ethical behavior.

3.10 Personal and professional integrity.


Centers & Units


Cultural Centre

If any undergraduate are interested about music, photography, drama, dancing, singing etc., the Cultural Centre is the best place for him or her. Classes are held in Dancing, Guitar Playing, Piano, Violin free of charge for students to enhance their artistic abilities.


Confucius Institute

providing scope for people all over the world to learn about Chinese language and culture.


Centre for Korean Studies

The Centre for Korean Studies conducts diverse projects in research, and education with the object of promoting Korean studies. Through these projects the centre aims to develop the Korean language knowledge of the internal and external students of the university, to promote the Korean culture and to encourage academic activities.


Centre for Chinese Studies

The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) is a collaborative interdisciplinary centre devoted to the study of Chinese that focuses mostly on history, politics, social sciences and culture.





Department of English

The English Department has always been a strong teaching department which is committed to the harmonious relationship between teaching, research and larger concerns of society. The University of Kelaniya  boasts the largest student body of any English department in the country.


Department of English Language Teaching

Providing its service to all the Faculties of the University of Kelaniya, the Department of English Language Teaching represents the practical, task oriented aspect of Teaching English as a Second Language in the University.


Department of Fine Arts

In 1978, the Department of Fine Arts was established.  The curriculum was expanded to include more studio-based subjects, allowing students to develop practical skills in one chosen area of a studio art, while learning historical and theoretical aspects of fine arts in general. In the year 2005, the Department of Fine Arts was divided as two units as ‘Visual Arts and Design and Performing Arts Unit’ and ‘Image Arts and Drama and Theater Unit’.

Drama & Theatre and Image Arts Unit

Visual Arts & Design and Performing Arts Unit


Department of Hindi Studies

Providing a scholarly knowledge of the Hindi Language, Literature and North Indian culture, and promoting related research in this field among Sri Lankans are the aims of the Department of Hindi which was established at the very founding of this University, under the guidance of the Venerable Professor Bhadantha Anand Kausalyayan, an expert in Hindi, from India.


Department of Linguistics

Linguistics as an independent field of study was recognised by  the university  in 1972  after the establishment of the Department of Linguistics under the Faculty of Humanities.During the past thirty two years Department of  Linguistics has been  expanding its programs which include B.A. Courses in Linguistics, Translation Methods, Tamil as well as the post graduate degrees M.A., M.Phil.  and Ph.D. in Linguistics.


Department of Modern Languages

The University of Kelaniya maintains its unique reputation for study of languages being the only University in the island to offer courses in six languages- French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Additionally Italian, Arabic and Spanish are offered for the two year certificate course (internal students only). The Department of Modern Languages, one of the oldest departments in the university is the only University department in the country to offer students such a wide range of foreign languages.


Department of Pali & Buddhist Studies

It is a vigorous and expanding center of teaching and research and remains deeply committed to the study of Pali and Buddhist Studies. The department handles three main disciplines. They are Pali, Buddhist Philosophy and Buddhist Culture.In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate courses a Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies for foreign students is also offered.


Department of Sanskrit

In Sri Lanka this the only University which has a department of  Sanskrit studies in the Sinhala medium. The department provides facilities for students to obtain B.A., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., degrees. In addition to this there is a certificate course and a diploma course for foreign students.


Department of Sinhala

Nearly 500 students enroll for the courses conducted by this department annually. At present Sinhala Department of the Kelaniya University is a full fledged department with a highly qualified staff.The candidate who has acquired high marks in Sinhala Special Degree will be awarded a Gold Medal by the Professor D. J. Wijerathna Memorial Foundation.


Department of Western Classical Culture & Christian Culture

The Western Classical Culture section deals with the ancient civilization, history, antiquities, art, philosophy, drama and theater, literature, literary criticism of Greece and Rome. It also teaches languages such as Greek and Latin. The section on Christian Culture offers a unique opportunity for students of any religious affiliation, Christian or not, to learn of Christianity as one of the worlds' religions.


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