Geetanjali   Re-lived

Geetanjali Re-lived

A programme titled ‘Geetanjali Re-lived’ was held at the Dharmaloka Hall in celebration of 100 years of the volume ‘Geetanjali’ by Rabindranath Tagore.  The programme was organised by the Department of Hindi with the assistance of the Visual Arts & Design and Performing Arts Unit. The conceptualisation and music direction was provided by Dr. Ananda Guptha and choreography by Subhajit Khush Das and Ms. Anjana Kahapalaarachchi (Student of the Department of Hindi). Prof. Upul Ranjith Hewawitanagamage, (Head- Department of Hindi) accompanied Dr. Ananda Guptha with ‘Esraj’ (a Hindustani string musical instrument). The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, the President of KUTA (Kelaniya University Teachers’ Association), the Head, Visual Arts & Design and Performing Arts Unit, and a number of invitees and undergraduates were present at the occasion.


22 January 2015


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