The Department of Hindi Studies in the Faculty of Humanities is one of the oldest academic departments of the University of Kelaniya with its origins goes back to 1959. Since then, separate departments were established for Sinhala, Sanskrit, Pāli and Hindi which were considered as Eastern Languages. The Department of Hindi Studies commenced its degree programmes with the initiative of Prof. Ven. Ananda Kaushalyāyan Thero who was originally from Nagpur, India.

There was much enthusiasm among Sri Lankans to learn Hindi back then. Young undergraduates of the 60s loved to watch Hindi films and listen to Hindi songs. It was during this time that the Vidyālankāra University was moved to the new building complex at Dalugama.

Few years later, the Vidyalankara University decided to establish a separate department called 'Department of Modern Languages' in 1974, replacing the Department of Hindi Studies which was situated in the Vidyālanakāra Mandapaya. In addition to Hindi language, languages such as Chinese, Japanese, German and Russian were also taught by that department. Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree programme, which was then named as Bachelor of Arts (Special) Degree in Hindi was launched in 1982. Later, Hindi language studies were carried out in a fully pledged, independent department which taught courses on Hindi language, Hindi literature and North Indian Culture from 1995.

The Department of Hindi Studies offers Hindi for the Bachelor of Arts Degree and conducts degree programme of the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Hindi. In addition, 'Certificate Course in Modern Languages- Hindi' is offered for undergraduates of the university and 'Diploma in Hindi' is offered for external learners who are interested in Hindi.


To become a center of excellence in disseminating a scholarly knowledge of Hindi Language, Hindi Literature and North Indian Culture and promoting Hindi related research among Sri Lankans


To encourage and strengthen intellectual citizens who contribute to the national development through education and research in the field of Hindi language studies

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