Chandrasiri Bogamuwa
Chandrasiri BogamuwaSenior Lecturer Grade I


Drama & Theatre and Image Arts unit
Department of Fine Arts
University of Kelaniya
Sri Lanka

Tel:     +94-0112908785 (Office)
           +94-0112776956 (Residence)
E-mail: (University)

Educational Qualification:

M. Phil - University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2005
B.A. (Special) Degree, University of Kelaniya, 1980
Post Graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education, Maharagama,1994
Proficiency in English - Aquinas College of Higher Studies, 1983
Diploma in Advanced, English for Administrative  Academic purposes, University of Colombo, 1992

Teaching Experience:

Lecturer, University of Kelaniya, 08 years
Senior Lecturer, University of Kelaniya, up to date
Demonstrator, University of Kelaniya, (Temporary position), 1982
Visiting Lecturer, University of Kelaniya,1987-1988
Temporary Assistant Lecturer, University of Kelaniya,1989~1992
Visiting Lecturer, University of Kelaniya,1994~1996

Administrative Experience:

Unit Head, Drama & Theatre and Image Arts Unit, 2009~2012
Co-ordinator, Drama & Theatre M.A. one year Degree course, 2010~2012
Co-ordinator, Cultural Center, 2009~2012

Research and Publication:

1.Television: Science and Art, 2007 (State award for the best book of the year on Television literature at State  Television Award Ceremony - 2008)
2.Contemporary Sinhala Theatre (2009)
3. SANKA - Special volume on State Drama Festival 2001, published by Dept, of Cultural Affairs
4. ABHINAYA - Vol 9: Dramatists of Nineteen Seventies published by Dept. of Cultural Affairs, 2003
5. ABHINAYA - Vol. 10: Dramatists of Nineteen Eighties published by Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Cultural and national Heritage, 2009
6. Journal of The Faculty of Humanities - Vol. 9
7. Journal of the Faculty of Humanities - vol. 10
8. Journal of the Faculty of Humanities - vol. 11
Research Articles:
1. Contemporary Sri Lankan Stage and problems of play production, ABHINAYA - vol. 5, 1999
2. Introduction to the Art of Electronic Image (series of 9 articles) Lanka Camera - National Photographic magazine (1999-2002)
3. Children Cinema, SANKA special volume for children, Dept. of Cultural Affairs, 2006

Research Interest:

Stage Drama, Television, Cinema
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