Kavithaa Rajaratnam
Kavithaa RajaratnamSenior Lecturer II
I am an academic staff member attached to the Department of Linguistics, University of Kelaniya . I am also the coordinator of the MA in Linguistics and the Senior Treasurer of the Tamil Students’ Association , University of Kelaniya. My research interests include second language teaching and learning, Tamil literature and Dravidian Linguistics. I started my career as a temporary assistant lecturer at the Department of Linguistics, prior to my current position. I studied for my BA in Tamil language and literature at the University of Peradeniya. I then gained my masters in Linguistics at the University of Kelaniya and my current research for PhD focuses on Medieval Tamil Grammar. My main teaching commitment is Teaching Tamil as a second language to the Sinhala native speakers.


Department of Linguistics
(Room Number) K2 113/2
Department of Linguistics
University of Kelaniya
Sri Lanka

(Extension) 676
Tel: +94 112908786
E-mail: sangeetham_00@yahoo.com

Publications :


  • ‘ Maname’ (Translation ) (Forth coming) Dr. Ediriweera Sarachchandra Foundation , SriLanka
  • ‘Easy way to English’ (Translation) (2013) Inter cultural book promoters, Sri Lanka
    3.‘ We Srilankans’ (2012) (Translation ) Inter cultural book promoters, Sri Lanka
  • ‘ Demala wacana puhunuwa’ ( Tamil Glossary) Godage International Publishers (PVT)LTD,     Colombo.
  • ‘Demala hōdiya’ (Tamil Alphabet) (2010),Godage International Publishers (PVT)LTD, Colombo.
  • ‘Demala Mul Potha’(Introdution to the Tamil-meant for learners of Tamil as a second language) (2010), Godage International publishers (PVT)LTD, Colombo.
  • ‘Concise Tamil- Sinhala Dictionary’- (editor) sssW.S.Karunatillake Special Assistance (2010), Godage International Publishers (PVT)LTD, Colombo
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  • ‘Thirukkuralil Arivuk koodpaadu’(2009)P&P Associations , Gothatuwa, SriLanka

Journal Articles

  • ‘A case study based on a social dialect of Tamil spoken farmers living along the Northern province of SriLanka’ (2017 ) ( in Tamil) ‘Vaagiishaa’- Felicitation Volume of Chair & Senior Professor R.M.W.Rajapakshe
  • ‘Special features of the muslim Tamil dialect: A research based on Western Province muslims ( 2017) ( in Tamil) ‘Vaagiishaa’- Felicitation Volume of  Professor Ashoka Premarathna
  • ‘ Role of Buddhism in the South Indian Tamil History’ (2013) ‘Pasadika’ - Felicitation Volume of  Professor Prof.KeerthiNaranpanawa
  • ‘Domestic Virtues in Thirukkural’( in Tamil) (2012) ‘ Muditha’ Felicitation Volume of  Deshabandhu Sirisumana Godage
  • ‘ Paththini Worship in the Buddhist Tradition’ (2011) (in Tamil)  Department of Hindu Religious and Cultural affairs, Srilanka.
  • ‘References to Buddhist Culture and Thought in Manimekalai’- A Mediaeval Classical Tamil Epic (2010), Anussathi-Commemoration Volume in memory of Professor W.S.Karunaratna
  • ‘The influence of Buddhism on Viracoliyam’(2010) (in Tamil) (2010), Anussathi-Commemoration Volume in memory of Professor W.S.Karunaratna
  • ‘ Buddhism as I have understood’ (2009) Saddha-Felicitation Volume for Rev.Dr. Welamitiyave Sri Kusala Dhamma Nayaka thero.
  • ‘The free education System’(2008) (in Tamil) Commemoration Volume in memory of C.W.W.Kannangara
  • ‘Sorrow Never Happiness forever’ (2004), (in Tamil)Hindu Dharmam Magazine, University of Peradeniya Publication.
  • ‘Self Realization – The essence of Humanity’ (2003) (in Tamil) ‘ Ilankathir Magazine’, University of Peradeniya Publication.

International Conference / Symposium

  •  ‘ Merit and Demerit of the Grammatical Method of Viracoliyam’ (2015) International Conference on Linguistics in SriLanka (ICLSL 2015), University of Kelaniya ,SriLanka

  •  ‘ Lexical differences between Srilankan Tamil and Muslim Dialects’ (co-author) (2015),International conference on multidisciplinaryApproaches(ICMA), Faculty of Graduate Studies,University of Sri Jayewardenapura

  •  ‘The influence of Tamil Language on Sinhala Hybrid words (2015), International Conference on the Humanities (ICH 2015) The Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya

  • ‘ Tamilish in popular Tamil media’(2011), 12th Annual Research Symposium , Faculty of Graduate Studies,University of Kelaniya

  • ‘ Tamil and Sinhala Pronoun – A Comparative Study’ (2009),(co-author),1st National Conference (NCH), Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya

  • ‘ Contrastive Study on spoken Tamil and the Spoken Sinhala Case Markers’ (2008),8th Annual Research Symposium, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya

Working Papers

  •  ‘Contrastive study on Spoken Tamil and the Spoken Sinhala Case Markers’(2007),8th Annual research symposium FGS,University of Kelaniya.

  •  ‘A Contrastive Study of Second Person Pronouns in Colloquial Sinhala and Tamil(2009),National Conference in the Humanities celebrating the golden jubilee of the University of kelaniya.

Present Position

Senior Lecturer Gr11

Academic Qualification

  • BA( hons) in Tamil
  • MA in Linguistics

Specialized Field

Second Language Teaching & Learning and Dravidian Linguistics

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