Bachelor of Arts Degree Course

Duration: 3 Years / 6 Semesters
B.A. in Linguistics

Level One (LING)

LING      11015 C                  Introduction to Linguistics

LING      13025 C                  Introduction to Phonetics


Level Two (LING)

LING      23012 C                  Phonology and Morphology

LING      21022 C                  Syntax

LING      21032 C                  Socio-Linguistics and Language Planning

LING      21042 C                  History of Linguistics

LING       22052 C                 Semantics


 Level Three (LING)

LING      31012 C                  Applied Linguistics

LING      31022 C                  Psycholinguistics and Communication Disabilities and Sign Language

LING      32032 C                  Historical Linguistics

LING      32042 C                  Structure of Sinhala

LING      32052 C                  Lexicography

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