Bachelor of Arts Honers Degree

Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
B.A.(Hons) Degree in Linguistics

Level Two

LING 21514 C                       Morphology

LING 21524 C                       Sociolinguistics

LING 21534 C                       History of Linguistics

LING 22544 C                       Psycholinguistics

LING 23555 C                       Introduction to Phonology

LING 23565 C                       Introduction to Syntax

LING 23575 C                       Semantics

LING 23585 C                       Second Language Proficiency : Level - I (English and Tamil)


Level Three

LING 31514 C                       Language Planning

LING 31524 C                       Applied Linguistics

LING 33535 C                       Advanced Phonology

LING 33545 C                       Advanced Syntax

LING 33555 C                       Historical Linguistics

LING 33564 C                       Structure of Sinhala

LING 33575 C                       Second Language Proficiency : Level 11 (English & Tamil)

LING 31582 O                       Communication Disabilities

LING 31592 O                       Sri Lankan Sign Language


Level Four

LING 41514 C                       Lexicography

LING 41524 C                       Clinical Linguistics

LING 43535 C                       Comparative Indo-European Linguistics

LING 43545 C                       History of  Sinhala

LING 43555 C                       Logic and Language Analysis

LING 43565 C                       Second Language Proficiency : Level - III   (English and Tamil)

LING 43578 C                       Dissertation

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