Bachelor of Arts Degree Course

Duration: 3 Years / 6 Semesters
B.A in Pāli

Level One

PALI 11013:              (C)      Pāli Tipitaka Studies I

PALI 11022:              (C)      Pāli Grammar I

PALI 11032:              (A)      Source Criticism

PALI 11043:              (O)      Psychotherapy in Suttapitaka

PALI 12053:              (C)      History of Pāli Literature

PALI 12062:              (C)      Composition and Translation I

PALI 12073:              (O)      Points of Controversy

PALI 12083:              (A)      Introduction to Pāli Tipitaka


Level Two

PALI 21013:              (C)      Prescribed Texts II

PALI 21022:              (C)      Composition and Translation II

PALI 21032:              (O)      Pāli Grammar II

PALI 21043:              (O)      Human Resource Management in Tipitaka

PALI 22053:              (C)      Pāli Literary Criticism

PALI 22062:              (C)      Pāli Sources and Sri Lankan History

PALI 22072:              (A)      Sri Lankan Historical Sources in Pāli 

PALI 22083:              (O)      Conceptual Trends in Early Buddhism


Level Three

PALI 31013:              (C)      Abhidhamma Philosophy

PALI 31022:              (C)      Methods of Exposition and Criticism in Pāli Literature

PALI 31032:              (O)      Preaching Skills

PALI 31043:              (O)      Personality Development in Tipitaka

PALI 32053:              (C)      Philosophy and Ethics of Pāli Tipitaka

PALI 32062:              (C)      Source Studies

PALI 32073:              (A)      Pāli Teaching Skills

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University of Kelaniya

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