Bachelor of Arts Honers Degree

Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
BA Honours Degree in Pāli

1st Year

PALI 21515:              (C)      Pāli Tipitaka Studies I

PALI 21525:              (C)      Pāli Atthakathā Studies

PALI 21535:              (C)      Prescribed Sanskrit and Prakrit Texts

PALI 21545:              (O)      Pāli Tipitaka Studies II

PALI 22555:              (C)      Translation

PALI 22565:              (C)      Pāli Prakarana Studies

PALI 22575:              (C)      Prose Composition and Grammar

PALI 22585:              (O)      Controversial Issues


2nd Year

PALI 31515:              (C)      Pāli Verse Composition and Grammar

PALI 31525:              (C)      History of Pāli Literature

PALI 31535:              (C)      Theories of Pāli Literary Criticism

PALI 31545:              (A)      Pāli Literary Criticism

PALI 32555:              (C)      Pāli Historical Linguistics

PALI 32565:              (C)      Ethics in the Vinayapitaka

PALI 32575:              (C)      Buddhist thought in Pāli Nikayas

PALI 32585:              (O)      Preaching Skills


3rd Year

PALI 41515:              (C)      Abhidhamma Studies

PALI 41525:              (C)      Traditional Buddhist Method of Logic

PALI 41535:              (C)      Pāli Historical Records and Secondary Sources

PALI 41545:              (O)      Contemporary Pāli Literature

PALI 42555:              (C)      Buddhism in Schools of Thought

PALI 4356X:              (C)      Dissertation

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University of Kelaniya

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