Buddhist Philosophy English medium 2021/2022 Academic Year
(Approved Dissertation Topics)

Ven. Ambana Sobhita thero
1. A Critical Study on the Inductive and Deductive Reasoning in the Western Logic with special reference to the Buddhist Teachings.

Ven. Sumittadewa Thero
2. The Importance of Living at the Moment (Paccuppanna); A Study with special reference to Bhaddekarattasuttas of Majjhimanikāya.

Ven. Palenpitiye Somarathana Thero
3. An Analytical Study on the Jain Epistemology.

Ven. Rathnapure Wimalakitthi Thero
4. A Critical Study on the Hearsay and Authority from the Western and Buddhist Epistemological Teachings


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