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Introduction & Aim of the Program

The Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies is represented as one of the oldest Departments in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya. It is a pioneer seat of the advanced scholarship of Pāli & Buddhist Studies in Sri Lanka which has originated with the foundation of the university in Vidyalankāra Pirivena premises, Peliyagoda founded in 1875. The Department has been functioning in the present premises since 1959, relocation of Kelaniya University in Dalugama.
The Department of Pāli and Buddhist studies has been conducting one year and two years of Master Degree programs in Sinhala and English mediums. These master degree programs are designed to meet the needs of the students who wish to pursue a profession in Buddhist Studies in institutions, academia such as: peach activist, researcher/ scholar, counselor, religious advisor etc. national and international level. At the completion of the programme, the students will be able have a comprehensive knowledge of the various areas of Buddhist Studies in theory and practice. The Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies programme has contributed immensely to the promotion and expansion of Pāli and Buddhist Studies, producing thousands of postgraduate academics from whom some have become worldly well recognized Buddhist scholars.

Teaching Panel

  • Emeritus Senior Professor Sumanapala Galmangoda
  • Professor Ven. Dewalegama Medhananda Thero
  • Senior Professor Ananda Wijeratna
  • Senior Professor Ven. Nabirittankadawara Gnanaratana Thero
  • Senior Professor Uditha Garusinghe
  • Senior Professor Ven. Makuruppe Dhammananda Thero
  • Associate Professor Sarath Chandrasekara
  • Professor Ven. Naotunne Wimalagnana Thero
  • Senior Lecturer Rajitha Pushpakumara
  • Senior Lecturer Ven. Deniyaye Pannaloka Thero
  • Senior Lecturer Gamini Wijayasinghe
  • Senior Lecturer Ven Welimadagama Kusaladhamma Thero
  • Senior Lecturer Panahaduwe Yasassi Thero
  • Senior Lecturer Koggalle Vijitha Thero
  • Senior Lecturer Ven. Vijithapura Gunarathana Thero
  • Senior Lecturer Aruna Gamage
  • Senior Lecturer Ravindu Priyanka
  • Senior Lecturer Amila Kaluarachchi
  • Senior Lecturer G.P.K. Perera


Special Guest Lecturers

  • Senior Professor Chandima Wijebandara
  • Senior Professor P.D. Pemasiri
  • Senior Professor Asanga Thilakarathne

Contact Information

Program Coordinator

Dr.Amila Kaluarachchi

Tel: 0718134557 / 0112 903731/ 0112 914492



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