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The Certificate Course in Sanskrit

SANS   01017                        Introduction to Sanskrit

SANS   01028                        Appreciation of Sanskrit Literature

SANS   01517                        Sources of Inter Languages & Technical Terms

SANS   01528                        Utilization of Sanskrit


Certificate in Yoga Philosophy

YGPH 03516                        Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

YGPH 03526                        Usage of Asana & Pranayama

YGPH 03536                        Traditions of Yoga

YGPH 03546                        Comparative Yoga & lifestyle

YGPH 03556                        Introduction to Sanskrit


The Certificate Course in Vāstu

VASV 03514              History of Vāstu Śastra and its evolution

VASV 03524              Introduction to  Vāstu Theories

VASV 03534              ṣetra phalasādhanaya & Measurements

VASV 03544              Vedhadoṣa & Remedies

VASV 03554              Introduction to Sanskrit Language

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