Bachelor of Arts General Degree Course in Sinhala (Internal)

Level One


SINH 11215   C          Introduction to Modern Sinhala Literature

SINH 12225  C          Classical Sinhala Literature and Introduction to Language

SINH 13234   A          Practical Sinhala I


Level Two

SINH 21013   C          Classical and Modern Sinhala Prose

SINH 21022   C          Sinhala Drama and Cinema

SINH 22033   C          Culture and Folklore

SINH 22042   C          Sinhala Language Studies

SINH 22052   A          Practical Sinhala II

SINH 22062   A          Modern Sinhala Writing skills


Level Three

SINH 31013   C          Classical Sinhala Poetry and Literary Criticism

SINH 31022   C          Art and Architecture

SINH 32033   C          Classical Sinhala Poetry

SINH 32042   C          Evolution of Sinhala Language and Paleography


Type of Course Unit:

C          Core/Compulsory

A          Auxiliary

*          Any one unit to be selected

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