Rev. Dr. W. P. Roshan Fernando
Rev. Dr. W. P. Roshan FernandoSenior Lecturer II


Department of Western Classical Culture & Christian Culture
(Room Number) K20
University of Kelaniya
Sri Lanka

Tel  +94-718472626/772915915 (Mobile)
E-mail: (University)

Academic Qualifications:

B.Ph , B.Th, M.A in Religious Studies (Leuven, Belgium)
Advanced M.A in Religion & Theology ( Leuven, Belgium) STL (Rome) 2006
STL (Rome) 2006
S.T.D./Doctor in Theology (Leuven/Belgium)
PhD (Leuven/Belgium)

Teaching Experience:

Since 2009, I have been teaching in the University of Kelaniya.
Teaching Experience in Aquinas College, Colombo 08.

Administrative Experience:

Serving as a Priest for more than 25 Years and a counselor, Coordinator- Ethnic Cohesion (HETC UDG Project) in the University of Kelaniya.

Research and Publications:

unpublished works: Communitarian dimension of the Sacrament of the Eucharist: with special reference to the Theology of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. And Sacrificial dimension of the Eucharist: its pastoral implication for the church in Sri Lanka.
Research Articles :
Eucharist and Spirituality, Abortion destroys Motherhood, Peace and Reconciliation as urgent need. Adult Catechesis in a post-modern society,
Seminar Papers:
Liturgy & Sacramentology, Catechesis and Religious Education, Humanitarian Intervention of IPKF in Sri Lankan situation. Unethical issues of women working in the FTZ in Sri Lanka.

Research Interest:

In the fields of Systematic Theology and Peace Theology in relation to the present context.

Current Research Activities:

The role of religion and philosophy in the socio-cultural milieu of Neoplatonism.Peace and Reconciliation in the Roman Missal with special reference to the post-war Sri Lanka.

International & National Workshop/Seminar/Conference & Participation:

Marriage & Family Counseling in India.
Seminary Formation Course J.R.S. Seminar in Bangalore.
Migrant Family Apostolate Programme.
Revisiting Vatican II 50 Years of Renewal- International Conference in Dharmaram, Bangaore, India 2013.


Justice of Peace ( Whole Island)


Serving in Parishes for more than 15 Years.
Apostolate, Social Development Activities of People.
Involved in dialogue with Non-Christians specially with Buddhists, organizing Ecumenical Services & Gatherings with other Main Line Churches.
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