Prof. Indira Kamani Jayasekera
Prof. Indira Kamani Jayasekera Senior Professor


Department of Western Classical Culture & Christian Culture
(Room Number) K2 002
University of Kelaniya
Sri Lanka

Tel:     +94-33-2222529 (Residence)

Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D. University of Kelaniya
M.A. University of Kelaniya
B.A (Hons.), University of Kelaniya

Teaching Experience:

30 years Experience in the University of Kelaniya.

Research and Publications:

Kamani Jayasekera,1990, From Greek literature to us, ( Self Published ) Gampaha, Sri Lanka, (p 141).
Kamani Jayasekera 1992, Greek Thought at the time of The Buddha, ( Self Published , with grant from Library services board, Sri Lanka), Gampaha, Sri Lanka, (p 126).
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Kamani Jayasekera 2015, Dionysius, The God of Drama
Kamani Jayasekera 2016, Ancient Greek Theater and its Poets
Kamani Jayasekera 2017, 'Ideas on Literary Criticism of The Greeks' , S. Godage.

Kamani Jayasekera 2019, Echo, Collection of Scholarly Articles published in Sinhala, Prakampana
Kamani Jayasekera 2019, Collection of Scholarly Articles published in English, ECHO

Research Articles
Kamani Jayasekera, 1985, The theory of Empedocles on the Origin of life against the background of Greek Myths. Aquinas Journal. vol 2, Aquinas, Colombo, Sri Lanka. p.132-155.
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Kamani Jayasekera, 2002/2005.The concept of the One in Greek philosophy. Journal of Humanities, University of Kelaniya. Sri Lanka. P.35-60.
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Kamani Jayasekera, 2008. The impact of Pride and Prejudice as reflected in Ancient Greek Historiography.
Golden Jubilee Commemoration volume of the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. p.536-549.
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Vidyodaya Dharma Shasthreeya Sangrahaya ,Colombo,Sri Lanka. p.324-334 Impact of Indo.pdf
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Kamani Jayasekera, 2012/2013, A Critical examination of Plato’s ideas on imitation and inspiration in literature Journal of Humanities,,University of Kelaniya.Sri Lanka. p.145-165 critical examination.pdf

Kamani Jayasekera, Manipulation of Language in Literature- A critical analysis of Longinus.

Kamani Jayasekara, Social Impact on old Greek Comedy, Parwara- Scholarly Journal- Published by Sama Viharaya, Jathyanthara, 2015 October 30th. P. 145-158.

'The Dramatics of Trojan Women On Sri Lankan Stage' in 'International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences'  -Volume 5. No11.2016 http//
'The Social and Political Factors That Influenced The Characteristics of Classical New Greek Comedy'  -Nireekshana, commemorative volume of prof M.M.J.Marasinge.S. Godage ,2016.
Impact of mass communication on Election and Selection- Case study of Aristophanes in The Knights
Kamani Jayasekera, An  investigative Analysis of Sophocles’ King Oedipus on  Modern Sri Lankan Stage,'Sahitya"- Special Issue 2016,Department of Cultural affairs
Politics of Aristophanes , Parikalpana, commemorative volume on Tenyson Perera, ( 185-192),2017, S.Godage.

Sankalpana,2017,Susantha Mahaulpatha volume, p 291-310

DeRanga Mina ( A collection of Tri Lingual Creative Writing of The Faculty of Humanities,University of Kelaniya.)S. Godage. 2009.
Journal of Humanities, University of Kelaniya ( 2013/2012)

Editorial Board,Annual Research Symposium,2009. Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Senior Editor, The Oracle, Dept. Of Western Classical Culture.

Popular Articles:

The Poet who sang for peace while singing of War – Silumina -1989.05.21
The Poet who sang for Justice – Silumina – 1989.07.16
We cant – Till War ends – Tharuni-1989.12
April festival in ancient Greece- Muragala.1994

An interpretation of Poetic interpretation at the time of creative inspiration. Moseic, 
Ceylon Today 2015.01.11. A 2 page article.

Justice vs Vengeance. the remarkable interpretation of Greek myths by Aeschylus.Moseic, Ceylon  Today pages (2) on the 31st  of may7th of June and 14th of June.
ගැහැණිය විවාහය හා සහ සතුට -සිළුමිණ 30.7.2016

Scholarly Articles:
Politics of Aristophanes
True Love and True Lover- Plato explains
Karuna- Journal in commemoration of Prof Karunarathne,2017, Godage publications. Kamani Jayasekera , 'Horace on Poets and Poetics'. p. 181-195
Kamani Jayasekera, Dialogues used by Classical Dramatists in Constructing Dramatic Situations - Discussion based on The Agamemnon of Aeschylus.' Prof, W.R.M. Rajapakse, Felicitation valume
Kamani Jayasekera, Interpretation of Ancient myths By Subsequant Greek Writers. Prof. Indra Dassanayake Felicitation Volume, 2019,9 (p.137-153)
Kamani Jayasekera, Same sex relationships in Theory and Prctice in the Ancient West (Interpretation based on two selected works of Plato and Juvenal) (p. 37-61) DHI Scholarly Journal of the faculty of Humanities.
Kamani Jayasekera, Dionysius The God of Ecstacy as Depicted in the Bahccae of Euripides - Essays of Philosophy and Psychology- Felicitation voleume - Prof Daya Edirisinghe (329- 342),2019, Wathma Publishes ,Dehivala.

Contribution to Criticisms (Publications)

'A Narrative of an Exceptional Queen' by Mohan Raj Madawella, Daily News, 19.04.2017
'A Lady Berefit of Fear', 28, The Film, Daily News, 12.7.2017
'Ode to a Tree Deity', on the film 'Veshavi' Daily News, 16.05.2018.
'Ode to a Lady Eminenca',Film Yasodara, Daily News, 30.05.2018
'The Dream of Nisha', by Lanton Silva, Daily News, 06.02.2019
'A Petal Like Experience', Lost in Floral Rain by Pushpa suriyaarachchi, Daily News, 17.07.2019
Prof. Wimal Dissanayakes' 'Kingfisher', in Ceylon Today, 21.09.2019
Prof. Niroshini Gunasekera's 'Avarjana', in Sunday Silumina, 01.12.2019
Vivimari Vanderpootan- 'Borrowed Dust', Mahindavalokana, 2019
Justice bestowed on a Historical Woman 'Yasodara',Mahindavalokana, 2019
'Etha Duraka vana Aranaka', Ajendra Bandara, Ceylon Daily News, 2020


1987.02.22 –The Iliad of Homer

1987.03.01 – The Odyssey of Homer

1987.03.22 – Virgil

1987.04. 05 – Sophocles

1987.04.19. – Aeschylus

1987.05.10 - Euripides

1987.05.24 -Juvenal

‘Petticoat Government in The Julio Claudian Period of the Roman Empire’ Classical Association ,Sri Lanka,1989.05.13

’Socrates and Greek Literature’ Critical Symposium on the play ‘Socrates’.14.08.1990

’pythagoras on the Termination of the Cycle of Incarnation’ – Annual Research Symposium University of Kelaniya.19.10.2001

’Effect of Emotion on Expression’-Annual Research Symposium University of Kelaniya.15.11.2002

’Poetic Inspiration and Social Consciousness’-International Conference on Social Science ,University of Kelaniya, 2008.

The importance of Greek Mythology to contemporary Society. SL Library November 2nd 2014 at 3.30pm.

'Poetry and poets in the eyes of the Classical Greeks and Romans'. 'Discussion on poetry',  Launching of  'Crimson Sky' Palitha Ranathunge. Gampaha.
'Perth my village down under' of  Sunil Govinnage Speach delivered at 'celibrating Sunils Poetry'Forum. venue - Srilanka Liberary Services Auditorium 0n- 24th 0f feb. 2016. 3.00-6.00 pm. Link

Play on The Subject:

‘Anti Women’- An experimental Play on the Dramas of Euripides. Script p 35.Duration-One Hour.2000.08.03, Venue University of Kelaniya.

Other Responsibilities held in the University of Kelaniya:

Chair Person of the subcommittee (Literature) of the Kalamandalaya of the University of Kelaniyarom 2001 to 2003

Senior Treasurer –Classical Association from1993 to 2000 (Seven Years)
Chair Person ,Social Science ,International Conference,2008.07.19.-On Gender Relations.
Chair Person, Faculty of Graduate Studies,Research Symposium,2008.12.19.

Organising the Book Exhibition of the Faculty of Humanities for the Fiftieth Anniversary of The University of Kelaniya.

Organizing the Dept;of Western Classical Exhibition for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the University of Kelaniya.

Chair Person, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Research Symposium,2012.

Panel of Judges for Debate held by the Center for Gender studies.2013.
Acting Committee Centre for Gender Studies ,University of Kelaniya.

External Examiner for the Drama and Theatre Unit of the University of Kelaniya

External Examiner for the Dept; of Sinhala at the University of Kelaniya
Organizing committee for Trilingual Poetry Reading, University of Kelaniya.

Activities out side the University:

Member of the board of judges State Literary Award (i) Translation Novel (ii) English Novel
Organizing a contest of manuscript for children's books. 'Ape Gampaha' 1994.02
Panel of Judges for State Literary Awards, Selection of best poetry translations.
Review books for Publication, Library Services Board.
Review Panel – Buddhist and Pali University,Research Symposium.
Examiner for Post Graduate Research component at the University of Jayawardenapura.
Supervisor to postgraduate Students - University Of Peradeniya.

Contribution to Contemporary Literary field:

English Literature 

Creative Writing
1.) Collection of Short Stories
The Balloon Factory,Pubudu Printers 2000
A Dog's Life, Pubudu Printers 2002 (state Literary awards for Best English short story collection 2004)
A Gambler's Game, S. Godage Publications 2004
The Cross Conections, S. Godage Publication 2005
Haunting Melodies, S. Godage Publications 2007
2.) Poetry
Petals in the wind, S.Godage,2009
Sunshine and Shadows, S. Godage 2011 - Nominated for 2012 Godage Awards
Twinkling Beads, S. Godage 2011 - Nominated for State Literary Awards, 2011 (Best Collection of Poems)
Golden Cocoon, S. Godage 2011
Jostling Dreams, S.Godage 2012
Peacock Blues (Collection of Poems) ,87 pages, S. Godage Publications, 2014
Shooting a Tiger, S. Godage Publications, 2015
Voicing The Dumb,Kamani Jayasekera, 2016

Criticism of Contemporary Literature

The Wayfarer - Prof. Sunanda Mahendra. Sunday Observer, Feb. 03, 2008
උතුරු චීනයේ ආදරවන්තයා - නිරෝෂිණී ගුණසේකර, දිවයින ඉරිදා සංග්‍රහය, 2008 මාර්තු 23
එපුර රජයූ ඇය - මහාචාර්ය චන්ද්‍රසිරි පල්ලියගුරු, Sunday Observer; Dec. 21, 2008
අපි කොහෙද යන්නෙ තාත්තෙ? නිරෝෂිණී ගුණසේකර, සිළුමිණ, 2009 ඔක්. 25
නර කෙසක් දුටු ඇසින්, අනුර මනතුංගල සිළුමිණ, 2009 දෙසැ.6
ඇන්ටිගනී Antigone - A day like Today, Priyankara Rathnayake - The Play, Daily News/Arts Scope, August 11, 2010
Kamaleshwar's The man who got lost in the Ocean - සමුදුරේ අතරමං වූ මිනිසා The Island -Upul Ranjith Hewawithanagamage, Mid Week Review 14.03.2012
තොප වරදකින් කෙලෙසින් කිපෙමි? චන්ද්‍රසිරි පල්ලියගුරු, Monatage, Sunday Observer, 05.20.2012
සමුදුරේ අතරමං වූ මිනිසා, කමලේශ්වරන්, පරිවර්තනය: උපුල් රංජිත් හේවාවිතානගමගේ, රිවිර, පොත් කළස, 2012.06.26
Striking Story of Girl Child, Prof. Sunanda Mahendra,s 'The Curetakers' - Novel, Daily News, Art Scope, Nov. 28.2012
Distinction between historical truth and poetic truth, Prof. Chandrasiri Palliyaguru රජ විරිතින් සුරින්දු මහ විජයබා නිරින්දු Novel,Sunday Observer, Montage, May 26, 2013
Pistol-powered PEN, The Eagle Eye of Bandula Dinapoorna, MUSE, Daily News, November 13, 2013.
Preface for "Neyange Kavi", of D.V. Gallage, Vijesooriya Grantha Kendraya, 2013, p 6-20
Mathaka Vatha by Dr Gunadasa Amarasekera. Review in Moseic,Ceylon Today, 2014.12 30.
Bramana  -  Rajendra Bandara, Voyage in pursuit of happiness –Ceylon Today, Moseic,4th January 2015 and Daily Mirror, 7th of January 2015
'Muva Rada' collection of creative writing by the freshes of the university of Kelaniya.In 'Mau Bima' Sunday,2015.may 03.
Kamani  Jayasekera,  The Agamemnon on Sri Lankan Stage, - A Critical Survey of Gayan Randeera’s Adaptation. Kulathilaka  Kumarasinghe  Critical Gaze,2014,p 174-183.
Kamani Jayasekera. Manipulation of Language in Literature - Critical evaluation of  Roman Literary Critics.Journal of Humanities,,University of Kelaniya.Sri Lanka.(p68-78)
ආත්ම ඝාතකයා- නිරෝෂිනී ගුණසේකර, සිළුමිණ ඉරිදා සංග්‍රහය, 2015.06.07
'Anchiya' - novel by Prof.Chandrasiri  Palliyaguru -Sunday Observer, Spectrum, 2015,11.8th.- 'A Good Read'.
'Iskole Mahaththaya' A translation - novel . by prof. Upul Ranjith Hevavithana Gamage, Title -Iskole Mahaththaya , that transcends the limits of time and place.In Vatamadala, Dinamina,Thursday 2015.12.17.
චේ ගේ පෙම්වතියෝ- සාගරිකා දිසානායක, ලංකාදීප 2016.08.09
' Rejina'   the novel of mohan Raj madawala - Daily News, 2017.04.19.
28- The Film of Prassana Jayakody. Daily News,12.07.2017

Study Guides:

Greek Philosophy for External Students
Greek and Roman Literary Theory for External Students
Greek and Roman Heroic Epic for External Students


State Literary Award for the best collection of English short stories 2004
Vice chancellor's award for bringing honour to the university Of Kelaniya 2004
Nominated for the best collection of English Poetry.( Certificate) 2012
Nominated for the best collection of English Poetry, State Literary Awards ( Prashastha Certificate) 2012

Godage National Literary Award ( Lakdasa Wickramasinghe Award) for the best Anthology  of English poetry 2014.

Sanasa award for contribution to creative literature 2014
Vice chancellor's award for bringing honour to the university Of Kelaniya 2014
2014 Godage National award (Lakdas Wicramasinghe Award)Best Collection of English Poetry 2014
Vice chancellor's award for bringing honour to the university Of Kelaniya 2015. (Gold medal)
Nominated for the State Literary Award for the Best Academic and Research Publication.2017- The book - Ancient Greek Theater and Its Poets.
Godage ,(Lakdas Wickramasinghe) Award for the best collection of English Poetry 2017 - the book -Voicing The Dumb
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