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There can be seen a number of Courses in higher educational institutes of Sri Lanka which are being conducted with the aim of enhancing the quality of modern education and succeeding the process of teaching and learning.  Through the process of providing the theoretical knowledge rounded in the field of education, it enables to increase the quality of education and develop the researches in the education.  The study of the education is prominent as it assists to respond issues after having identified the educational responsibilities and challenges and to donate expertise employers with multi skills to the society.

It is thus can be interpreted that the education is as an accurate process which cultivates knowledge, skills and developing attitudes of the individuals.  Further, it conveys methods related learning, teaching, evaluating, appreciating and practicing.

It is necessary to have the development of education similarly to the development of physical environment which is being progressed.  It is a fact that this directly connects with the sustainable development.  It is being provided an appreciable service from the universities of Sri Lanka to enhance the quality of educational methods in innovating educational concepts pertained 21st century.

There was no access to follow the subject of education for their degree as internal students for those who were selected to the University of Kelaniya before.  Identifying the requirement by the faculty of Humanities, a new subject has been introduced under title of "Educational Unit" for the internal students who were selected to the University.  It is great pleasure to mention that the new subject is allowed internal students to select as a subject of Bachelor of Arts Degree from 2020. Large number of students has been registered to follow this course unit in the academic year 2018/19 and from 2021, Bachelor of Education (BEd. Hons.) degree program will be implemented as soon as the department gets the approval from the University Grants Commission. The students who perform well in their first year with the most appropriate skills and talents related to education will be selected to follow this degree program.
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