Offering of Fine Arts as a degree program at the University of Kelaniya (then known as the Vidyalankara Campus of the University

of Sri Lanka) commenced in 1975 under the Department of English with a batch of about 30 students. The objective of the

program originally was to provide the students with an academic training in all forms of Fine Arts, though the

curriculum included a small studio-component that included painting,music, and dancing. About

three-years later, in 1978, the Department of Fine Art was established.The curriculum

was expanded to include more studio-based subjects, allowing students to develop

practical skills in one chosen area of a studio art, while learning historical and                       Visual Arts & Design

theoretical aspects of fine arts in general. When the new ' unit system ' was

introduced in 1998, the curriculum was streamlined as three degree programs;                            Performing Arts

namely, Visual Arts and Design, Performing arts, and image Arts, where students

could specialize only one stream. Graduates of these degree programs often find

employment as teachers in secondary schools and in various institutions that function

under the Ministry of Culture. In the year 2005, the Department of Fine Arts was divided as

two units as ‘Visual Arts and Design and Performing Arts Unit’ and ‘Image Arts and Drama and Theater

Unit’. The Visual Arts and Design and Performing Arts Unit offers two degree Programmes;namely , The Bachelor of

Arts in Visual Arts and Design and The Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts with specialization in either Music or Dancing. The

visual Arts and Design and Performing Arts Unit is located in the newly built Prof.Senaka Bandaranayake Hall (formally known as

Cristo Hall).


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