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The Diploma Course in Pali & Buddhist Studies


Entry Qualifications

(i)   A candidate possessing a pass in G.C.E (General Certificate of Education) Advance Level examination in Sri Lanka or

(ii)   A candidate possessing a pass in London Advance Level examination or

(iii)  A candidate possessing a certificate equivalent to above qualification or

(iv)  A candidate possessing a Diploma in Buddhist Studies or any other subject from a recognized university or Higher education institute or

(v)   A candidate possessing a High Secondary school certificate.(thirteen years school education) is eligible to obtain admission to this programme.

If the certificates are not in English, they should be accompanied by translation in English language, certified by the issuing institution or authorized person by respective governments. Any documents or certificates to prove applicants skills in communicating in English /Chinese will be an advantage to be selected to follow the programme.

Structure of the Programme and Duration

To complete this Diploma programme, candidates should earn 16 credits from compulsory Course Units and 14 credits from optional course units. Total number of credits any student has to obtain is 30.  The mode of delivery will be full-time in one year or part-time in two years. The medium of instruction can be decided either as English or Chinese.


Course units

Course Code Title of the Papers Type Cs Os
DPBS 13014 Historical Background of Buddhism C 4  
DPBS 13024 Fundamental Teachings of Buddhism C 4  
DPBS 13034 Selected Readings in Pali Literature O   4
DPBS 13044 Pali Grammar & Literature O   4
DPBS 13052 Buddhist Cultural Diversity in Asia O   2  
DPBS 13054 Elementary Buddhist Sanskrit O   4  
DPBS 13062 Theravada and Mahayana O   2
DPBS 13064 Buddhist Ethics and Meditation C 4  
DPBS 13074 Abhidhamma and Development of Buddhist Thought C 4  
DPBS 13082 English For Buddhist Studies O   2
DPBS 13084 Selected Readings in Chinese Buddhist Sutras O   4  
DPBS 13094 Modern movements of Humanistic Buddhism. O   4  
  Total No. of credits to be obtained   16 14

C- compulsory, O - optional


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