Bachelor of Arts Degree Course

Duration: 3 Years / 6 Semesters
BA in in Visual Arts & Design

Level l
VIAD 11012     C          Introduction to Visual Arts and Design

VIAD 11022     C          Painting and Sculpture of the Anuradhapura Period

VIAD 13033     C          Painting Studio  I- Basic Drawing and Sketching.p

VIAD 13043     C          Graphic Design – I.p

VIAD 12052     C          Buddhist Monastic Architecture of the Anuradhapura Period.t

VIAD 12062     C          Introduction to Chinese Art.t

VIAD 12072     C          Introduction to Japanese Art.t


Level ll

VIAD 21012     C          Art and Architecture of the Polonnaruwa Period

VIAD 21022     C          Survey on Western Art I : from Ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe

VIAD 23033     C          Painting Studio  II-Drawing and Painting.p

VIAD 23043     C          Graphic Design II- Introduction to Computer Graphics.p

VIAD 22052     C          Sri Lankan Art from 14th to 19th Centuries.t

VIAD 22062     C          Survey of Western Art II: From Renaissance to Rococo.t

VIAD 22072     C          Art of the Indus Valley Civilization.t


Level lll

VIAD 31012     C          20th Century Arts of Sri Lanka

VIAD 31022     C          Survey on Western Art III: Neo- Classicism to Impressionism

VIAD 33033     C          Painting Studio  III- Exhibition.p

VIAD 33043     C          Graphic Design III – advanced Computer Graphics.p

VIAD 32052     C          Buddhist Art in India and Central Asia.t

VIAD 32062     C          Survey on Western Art IV: Post-Impressionism and the 20th Century Art.t

VIAD 32072     C          Hindu, Jain, and Islamic Traditions of Art in India.t



t  - Only for the Theory Strand

p  - Only for the Practical Strand

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