Prof.Eisha Manohari Hewabowela
Prof.Eisha Manohari Hewabowela Dip. & Superior in French (Alliance Frances de Paris)-Professor
Professor Hewabowala teaches in the Department of English of the University of Kelaniya. Having begun her academic career thirty years ago, her first contribution to the discipline was the 2001 publication of her English post-graduate research on the personal Correspondence of Gustave Flaubert in relation to this 19th Century French writer’s aesthetic discourse pursued at the University of Manchester on the Sri Lankan 1986 Presidential Scholarship for Literature towards an M.Phil. Professor Hewabowala’s 2003 work on the 19th Century Russian dramatist, Anton Chekhov, based on her undergraduate dissertation for the B.A. (Honours) Degree, was acknowledged in 2010 by the Embassy of the Russian Federation, as the first Sri Lankan evaluation of his predominant Naturalism.


Department of English
K 2 102
University of Kelaniya
Sri Lanka

Appointments (Contribution to Teaching & Academic Development):

(A)  Research Publications

a) Books

(1) A Study of the Correspondance of Gustave Flaubert as a Theoretical, Thematic,Textual and Biographical Survey in relation to his Principal Texts - 2001

(2) Naturalism in Chekhovian Drama (A Study of Anton Chekhov) - 2003

(3) Reconsiderations : A Collection of Critical Essays 2009

(4) A Monograph on Honoré de Balzac - 2011

(5) Conrad And Imperialism - 2015


b)   Unpublished Monographs

(1) A Monograph on Joseph Conrad  - 2009

(2) A Monograph on Nathaniel Hawthorne  - 2009


c)  Forthcoming Research Publication

(1)  Romanticism and  Realism in Nineteenth Century France   –  2017




(B)  Research Papers


(1) The Progressive Recluse in Gustave Flaubert (Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Volume II, 1999, University of Kelaniya).


(2)  Chekhovian Naturalism as reflected in The Seagull. (Journal of the Faculty of  Humanities, Volume III, 2000, University of Kelaniya).

(3) Romanticism of the Irish Peasants of Mayo in the Aran Islands as reflected in Synge’s The  Playboy of the Western World. (Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Volume IV, 2002/2005, University of Kelaniya).

(4) Immoderate Aspiration in the Stendhalian Protagonist as reflected in Julien Sorel in      Scarlet    and Blackagainst the  Political Backdrop of Nineteenth Century France in the context of the novelist’s inherent Romanticism strengthened by an acquired proclivity towards Realism.  (Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Volume V, 2006, University of Kelaniya).

(5) A Study of Existentialist Theories as reflected in the Sartrean Philosophical Melodrama titled In Camera in relation to the Dramatic Attributes of the playwright. (Professor Wimal Dissanayake Felicitation   Volume – 2007).

(6) An Evaluation of the Centrally Important Ways in which Jean Rhys Unearths and Alters the Meaning of  Antoinette’s  Story in Wide Sargasso Sea in the Context of Charlotte Brontë’s Closed Interpretation of  Bertha in Jane Eyre. (2008). (50th Anniversary Souvenir Research Volume of the University of Kelaniya).


(7) The Problems of Commitment and Conscience as reflected in Pietro Spina in Ignazio Silone’s Bread and Wine. ( Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Volume VII, 2008, University of Kelaniya).

(8) The Tolstoyian Perspective of 19th Century Russia as reflected in Anna Karenina. (Journal of the Faculty of  Humanities, Volume X, 2009, University of Kelaniya).


(9) Dramaturgy of the Middle Ages with particular reference to the Discourse found in the 15th Century Morality Play,Everyman, evaluated against the predominantly Catholic perceptions of Medieval England. (Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Volume  XI, 2009, University of Kelaniya).

(10) A Study of the Major Components of JacobeaDramaturgy as reflected in Jonsonian Theatrical Objectives. (Published in Reconsiderations: A Collection of Critical Essays – 2009 -  Professor Eisha Hewabowala).

(11) The Stylistic Ideology and the Social Documentation behind the Aesthetic Productions of  Honoré de Balzac as represented in Eugénie Grandet (1833). (Professor Kulasiri Kumarasinghe Felicitation Volume- 2015)

(12) Perceptions of raciality demonstrated through whimsical understatements reflected in the textuality ofHuckleberry Finn, the Twain masterpiece of 1885; An overview of the Clemensian aesthetic position in relation to this thematic substance (Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, Volume XX, 2015, University of Kelaniya)

(13) Nineteenth  Century English Provincialism in George Eliot’s Middlemarch in relation to her life in the Midlands of Warwickshire (Professor Asoka Premarathna Felicitation Volume – 2017).

(14) A Pursuit of the Evolving Identity of the Marlovian Theological Stance  as reflected in the thematic extensions of The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus : from a stringent Atheism towards a more abiding Catholicism against an ambience of Protestant Elizabethan England of Renaissance Desire (Professor Indra Dasanayake Felicitation Volume – 2017).

(15) The Hawthornesque Ambience of Calvinist Morality of 17th Century Puritan New England as put forward in The Scarlet Letter. (In Progress for 2018).


(C)  Creative Writing

a)  Novels

(1) A first Novel in Sinhala entitled Pancha set in the Coastal belt of  Post-Colonial Ceylon -  2001

(2) A first Novel in  English entitled Abigail with a hill country ambience  set in Colonial Ceylon of 1945  – 2003


b)  Short-Stories

(1) A Short-Story in Sinhala entitled Rosy for Primary School Children –  2001


c)   Drama

(1) A One-Act Farce in Sinhala entitled Martha Nanda with the Sub-Title, Hemanthayake –Aga having  the Tea Plantations of a Colonial Ceylon of the 1940’s as its backdrop  –   2001


d)  Poetry


(1) Maya : A Volume of Poems Composed from 1981 to 2009  in Sinhala, French and English  - 2012  (A First Poetic Effort)

(2) Sneha : A Volume of Poems Composed in 2012 in the Vernacular  – 2013

e)   Memoir (Unpublished)

(1) A Memoir

Splintered Memories

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