Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree

Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
BA Honours Degree in English

Level II


ENGL 21613  C          Literary Traditions in Poetry

ENGL 21624  C          Social Documentation and the Novel

ENGL 21634  C          Literary Praxis

ENGL 21644 C          Projects, Proposals and Presentations

ENGL 22654  C          Critical Praxis

ENGL 22664  C          Sri Lankan Poetry and Prose

ENGL 22674  C          English Morphology and Syntax

ENGL 22683  C          Contemporary Literature in Translation

ENGL 22692  E          Theatre and Social Experience


Level III

ENGL 31614 C          Literary Pedagogy

ENGL 31624 C          Postcolonial Discourses

ENGL 31634 C          Academic Style



ENGL 31644  C          Ideology and Drama

ENGL 32654 C          Diversity Politics

ENGL 32664  C          Foundations in Professional Writing Genres

ENGL 32674  C          Research Methodology

ENGL 32682  C          Language Pedagogy

ENGL 32692  E          Creative / Critical Projects


Level IV

ENGL 41614 C          Varieties of English

ENGL 41624 C          Internship

ENGL 41634 C          Gender Identity and Sexualities

ENGL 41644 C          Science Fiction and Dystopia

ENGL 42654 C          Culture & Globalization

ENGL 42662 C          Preparation of Defense

ENGL 43678 C          Dissertation

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