Professor Maithree Wickramasinghe
Professor Maithree WickramasingheChair Professor of English and Senior Professor


Department of English
K 2 102
University of Kelaniya
Sri Lanka

Educational Qualification:

PhD Women’s Studies / Education (Institute of Education, University of London).
MA Women’s Studies (University of Colombo).
BA English Honors (King’s College, University of London).

Selected Teaching Experience:

Professor in English, Department of English, University of Kelaniya(2009 – Present).
Lecturer / Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Kelaniya (1999 – 2009).
Assistant Lecturer, Department of English, University of Peradeniya (1990 – 1991).

Visiting Lecturer

M A / Postgraduate Diploma in Women’s Studies, University of Colombo (2001 / 2005 / 2008 / 2009 / 2016).

Administrative Experience:

Founding Director - Centre for Gender Studies, UoK(2011 – 2014).
Head – Department of English,UoK (2011 – 2014).

Books and Publications:

Monograph: Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2012) Towards Gender Equity / Equality: A Scan of Gender Sensitive Laws, Policies and Programs in Sri Lanka, International Labour Organization, Colombo (Pgs. 368).
Training Module: Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2012) An Introduction to Gender Mainstreaming Universities – A Training Module for Trainers, Association of Commonwealth Universities, London (Pgs. 187), in CD and posted at
Book: Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2010)Feminist Research Methodology – Making Meaning of Meaning-making, London/New York: Routledge, (Pgs.  213).
Book: Wickramasinghe, Maithree, and Jayatillake, Wijaya, (2006) Beyond Glass Ceilings and Brick Walls – Gender at the Workplace, International Labour Organization, (Pgs. 106), posted at
Book: Ariyabandu, MadhaviMalalgoda, and Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2003 / 2005) Gender Dimensions in Disaster Management – A Guide for South Asia, Intermediate Technology Development Group South Asia Publication, Colombo, (Pgs. 175), India edition- Zubaan, New Delhi, (Pgs. 180). (Translated into Hindi / Urdu / Tamil and Sinhala).
Monograph: Wijayatilake, Kamalini and Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2002) Women’sAccess to Legal Aid in Sri Lanka,Centre for Women’s Research, Colombo, (Pgs. 28).
Book: Wijayatilake, Kamalini, Wickramasinghe, Maithree, SamarasingheGameela,Liyanage, Kamala, and AbeywardenaJanaki, (2000) Sexual Harassment in Sri Lanka: Women’s Experiences and Policy Implications,Centre for Women’s Research, Colombo,(Pgs.172).
Book:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2000) From Theory to Action: Women Gender and Development,Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Colombo, (Pgs. 160)

Research Articles:

Research Article: Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2015) ‘Feminism and Gender Studies: A Revolt in Thought, a Revolution in Academia, and a Reformation of the Academy’, in Living Faith, Sri Lanka National Seminary Journal, Vol 15, No 1 (Pgs. 33 – 57).
Research Article: (revised version) Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2009)  ‘Rejuvenating and Reinventing the Discipline of English Studies in Sri Lanka: A Concept Paper’, in Sri Lanka Journal of Humanities, University of Peradeniya, (Pgs. 125 - 149).
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2009)‘”)‘”The Personal is the Political and the Political is the Personal” - Contemporary Sri Lankan Women Poets and English Scholarship’, in Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya, Vol. 10 (Pgs. 45 - 74).Scanned
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2009)‘Women – A New Paradigm in Knowledge Production’, in K. Kumarasinghe (Ed.)Golden Jubilee Commemoration Volume of University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka: University of Kelaniya, (Pgs. 241 - 269).
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2008) ‘“The Writer May be Dead but the Reader is Alive and Kicking” - Making Methodological Meaning of Contemporary Literary Theory/Criticism’ in Kalyani - Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Kelaniya, (Pgs. 187 - 211). Scanned
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2008) ‘Theorizing the Self in Writing up Research’ in Journal of Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya, Vol. VII (Pgs. 68 – 102).
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2006) ‘An Epistemology of Gender - An Aspect of Being as a Way of Seeing’, in Women's Studies International Forum, Vol. 29, No 6, (Pgs. 606 – 611).
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree,(2002) ‘Fundamentals of Feminist Critical Theory’ in the Journal of Faculty of Humanities (Eds. Gamini, DelaBandara, Ven. Induragare, Dhammaratana, MaithreeWickramasinghe, and LakshmanSeneviratne), Vol. III 2000/2001, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya, (Pgs. 282 - 300). Scanned
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree,(2000)‘Gender and Development – A Conceptual Paper’ in Gender Ideology & Development in Sri Lanka, Centre for Women's Research (CENWOR),Colombo, (Pgs. 16 -49).
Research Article: Stephens, Pearl, and Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2000) ‘Sri Lanka’ in Gender Reflections in Asian Television, Asian Network of Women in Communication,India, (Pgs. 95-104).
Research Article:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (1997)'Domestic Violence' in Violence against Women: Voices of Victims and Activists,Centre for Women's Research (CENWOR),Colombo, (Pgs. 80-106).

Edited Works:

Encyclopaedia: (Editor-in-Chief) Naples, Nancy, (Associate Eds.) Hoogland, Renee C, Wickramasinghe, Maithree, and WaiChing Wong Angela, (2016) The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Wiley-Blackwell, New Jersey (Pgs 2800).

Invited Book Chapters:

Book Chapter: Wickramasinghe, Maithree (forthcoming 2017) ‘Contradictions in Quantity & Quality: Sexual & Gender-based Violence in Sri Lankan Universities’ (Ed.) L. Morley, in The Europa World of Learning Essays 2017: Gender and Access to and Participation in Higher Education, London / New York, Routledge Taylor & Francis.
Book Chapter: (revised version) Wickramasinghe, Maithree, and Kodikara, Chulani, (2014) ‘Women in Politics and the Politics of Women in Sri Lanka’, inWomen Leading Public Service and Political Participation in South Asia: New and Emerging Developments,The Women in Public Service Project, The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, USA, posted at:
Book Chapter:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, and Kodikara, Chulani, (2012)  ‘Representation in Politics: Women and Gender in the Sri Lankan Republic’, in The Sri Lankan Republic at 40: Reflections on Constitutional History, Theory and Practice- An Edited Collection of Essays, Centre for Policy Alternatives, Colombo.
Book Chapter:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2011) ‘The Possibilities and Challenges of Postcolonial Situatedness, Standpoints and Intersectionality’ (Eds.) S. Thiruchandran and D. Karunanayake, in Continuities / Departures: Essays on Postcolonial Sri Lankan Women’s (Creative) Writing in English, Colombo: Women’s Education and Research Centre, (Pgs. 137 - 162).
Book Chapter:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2007) ‘Gender-based Violence in the Workplace’, in Gender Based Violence in Sri Lanka, Centre for Women’s Research / United Nations Population Fund, Colombo, Sri Lanka, (Pgs. 43 – 72).
Book Chapter:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2007) ‘Imported or Indigenous Knowledges? Feminist Ontological / Epistemological Politics’, (Eds.) Neloufer de Mel and SelvyThiruchandran, in At the Cutting Edge: Essays in Honour of KumariJayawardena', Women Unlimited, India, (Pgs. 250 – 281).
Book Chapter:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2003) ‘Whose Language is it? ‘, inI want to Speak of Tenderness – 50 Writers for Anne Ranasinghe, (Ed.) Gerard Robuchon, International Centre for Ethnic Studies, (Pgs. 354 – 360).
Book Chapter:Wickramasinghe, Maithree, (2002) ‘Feminist Critical Practice’inGender, Ideology and Empowerment, Centre for Women’s Research, Colombo, (Pgs. 42 – 65).
Book Chapters:Wickramasinghe, Maithree,(2002) ‘Gender Identity and Gender Relations’ in Gender Resource Book for Teachers (Ed.) Soma K Mendis, Centre for Women’s Research, Colombo,(Pgs. 7 – 19) (Translated into Sinhala and Tamil).

Selected Work at International & National Workshops/Seminars/Conferences:

Research Papers and Presentations:

Invited Presentation: ‘Ethics in Research Involving Women’, Forum of Ethics Review Committees, Sri Lanka, Workshop on Vulnerability and Research Ethics (28th March 2016)
Invited Paper: ‘Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Sri Lankan Universities: Contradictions and Complicities’, Centre for Higher Education Equity Research (CHEER) / Sussex Asia Centre, University of Sussex, United Kingdom, Seminar on Higher Education in the Asian Century: Does expansion mean inclusion?(21st January 2016)posted at
Invited Presentation: ‘Identifying Gender Inequalities / Inequities in Higher Education’ at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM – Malta), Women’s Forum: “Be All That You Can Be” (24th November 2015).
Invited Presentation: ‘Main Challenges of Good Governance’, Institute of Management of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, National Management Conference 2015 (29th September 2015)
Invited Presentation: “A Culture of Impunity: Addressing Sexual and Gender–based Violence in Sri Lankan Universities”, at the international conference“Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Violence in South Asian Universities”, Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Batticalore (9th July 2015)
Invited Seminar: “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Report no Evil: Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Sri Lankan Universities”, Centre for Higher Education Equity Research (CHEER), University of Sussex, United Kingdom (24th November 2014), posted at
Invited Presentation: ‘Feminist Development Imaginaries’, Centre for Poverty Analysis, Sri Lanka, at the international conference titled Knowledge Hierarchies in Development – Whose Knowledge Counts?(11thDecember 2012).
Invited Paper: ‘Researching & Representing Violence Against Women - Some Methodological Issues’, Network for Violence Against Women in Scandinavian Countries / University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka, at theinternational workshop - Public Sessions titledEvidence-based Interventions for Violence Against Women(26th September 2011).
Paper: Readings from Afar: Methodologies for Feminist / Postcolonial Critiques,Sri Lanka Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, at theinternational conference titled The 21st Century Postcolonial: Issues and Challenges in Literature and Language(6th August 2011).
Paper: ‘Clashing Paradigms or Concurring Paradigms? Feminist Standpoint Theories of Postcolonialism and Postmodernisms’, Sri Lanka Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, at the international conference titledPostcolonial or Postmodern?25th August 2009).
Paper: ‘Fusion: Towards a Multidisciplinary Framework for English Studies Research/Reading’.
University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, at the national conference titledNational Conference on the Humanities (22ndMay 2009).
Paper: Rejuvenating and Restructuring English Studies in Sri Lanka: A Concept Paper, 19th December 2008, The Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) / University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, at the international conference titled Enhancing Graduate Employment.
Presentation: ‘Ethics and Politics of Critiquing / Researching English Literature’, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, at the symposium titled 8th Annual Research Symposium of the Faculty of Graduate Studies(5THNovember 2008).
Paper:‘Feminist Research Activism – Towards a Methodological Framework’, Kartini Network on Gender and Women’s Studies / University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and Bali Sruti Indonesia,at the international conference titled The Future of Asian Feminisms Confronting Fundamentalisms, Conflict and Neoliberalism(19th July 2008).
Paper: “’Why Bring in a Women’s Perspective” Ethics and Politics of Feminist Research in Sri Lanka’, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, at theinternational conference titled International Conference on Social Sciences - Social Sciences for Human Wellbeing (7th April 2008).
Paper: ‘”I, Me and Myself”- the Role of Reflexivity in Research and Writing’, Centre for Women’s Research, Sri Lanka, at the convention titled Eleventh National Convention on Women’s Studies (25th March 2008).
Paper: ‘The Possibilities and Challenges of Postcolonial Situatedness, Standpoints and Intersectionality’, Women’s Education and Research Centre, Sri Lanka,at the seminar titledPostcolonial Sri Lankan Women’s Writing in English (19th December 2007).
Presentation: ‘Reflexivity: Theorizing the Self in Qualitative Research’, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, at the symposium titled 8th Annual Research Symposium of the Faculty of Graduate Studies(4th April 2006).
Paper:‘An Epistemology of Gender: An Aspect of Being as a Way of Knowing’, Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR), Sri Lanka, at the national convention titledTenth National Convention on Women’s Studies(6thNovember 2004).
Paper: ‘Academic or funded? An Overview of the Dynamics of the Research Context’, University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington, USA, at the international conference titledThe First Conference on Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies(24th March 2002).
Paper: ‘Feminist Critical Practice’, Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR), Sri Lanka, at the national convention titled Eighth National Convention on Women’s Studies(25th March 2000).
Paper: ‘Gender And Development – A Conceptual Paper’, Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR), Sri Lanka, at the national convention titledSeventh National Convention on Women's Studies(7th March 1992).
Paper: ‘A Feminist Interpretation of Contemporary Women’s Poetry’, Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR), Sri Lanka, at the national convention tiltedNational Convention on Women(1992).
Paper: ‘Beyond the Saree’, Sri Lankan Women’s Writing in English’, Sri Lankan Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (Colombo), Sri Lanka (1991).

Research Interests:

Sri Lankan women’s poetry
Feminist critical theory and feminist research methodology
Gender research evaluation
Sexual and gender based violence
Gender mainstreaminghigher education and private sector organizations
Women / gender in development and in disaster management

Current Research Activities:

Encyclopedia: (Eds.) Naples, Nancy, Hoogland, Renee C, Wickramasinghe, Maithree, and Wong Angela, (forthcoming - 2015) The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Wiley-Blackwell, New Jersey.

Distinctions / Awards / Service:

Member, Standing Committee on Gender Equity / Equality, University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka (2015 – present).
Member, Panel of Judges, DSC Prize for South Asian Literature for 2015.
Visiting Professor, Centre for Higher Education Equity Research, University of Sussex (2012 – Present).
Member, Ethics Review Committee Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, (2009 – present).
Member Clinical Trials Sub-Committee, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo (2013 – present).
Fellowship,Women in Public Policy Program, John. F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA (April – May 2006).
Gender Equity in Commonwealth Higher Education PhD Studentship awarded by the Institute of Education, University of London, UK(2003 - 2006).
Member, Panel of Judges, Grataien Award for Sri Lankan Literature in English for 2008
Member, Board of Directors, Women’s Education and Research Centre (2005 – present).
Co-patron – Galle Literature Festival (2006 – present).


Selected Keynotes / Plenaries / Invited Lectures(Selected):
Keynote Address: ‘How to Ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals Will Leave No One behind?’ UNWomen / EvalGender in collaboration with EvalPartners, UNEG, UNICEF, UNFPA, Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation, Swiss Development Cooperation and Coneval Mexico, Technical Session on Towards an Equity-focused and Gender-responsive Framework to Evaluate the SDGs, (16th March 2016) posted at
Speech: “On literary awards”, Fairway National Literary Award Announcement Ceremony, (15th January 2016)posted at
Commemorative Speech: “Women in Construction”, at the inaugural forum for women in construction, Women in Construction Forum Sri Lanka, (3rd November 2015).
Keynote Address: “Reflecting on Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Some Methodological Points”, at the 2nd Regional Feminist Forum “Strategies for Advancing Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”, South Asian Feminist Alliance and Program on Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (PWESCR) (30th August 2015).
Keynote Address: “Feminist Imaginaries: Critiquing and Re-conceptualizing the Dominant Paradigm of Development” at the regional ASEAN conference Translating Women’s Experience into Classroom Teaching in ASEAN Countries, Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI), Seoul (4th June 2015).
Keynote Address: “Gender Equity / Equality: Reflecting on the Nexus between Leadership and Mainstreaming in Universities” at the international conference Thinking Back and Moving Forward: Reflections on Gender and Leadership in Pakistan,Fathima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi (27th June 2015).
Keynote Address: “The Importance of Gender Mainstreaming for Humanitarian Organisations”, at Women’s Day Celebrations, World Vision Sri Lanka (18th March 2015).
Reverend Father Harold Panditharatne Memorial Oration: “Feminism and Gender Studies:
A Revolt in Thought, a Revolution in Academia, and a Reformation of the Academy”,the National Seminary,Sri Lanka (28th of January 2015).
Keynote Speech: “Gender Mainstreaming Higher Education Institutions Post-2015 Capacities, Critiques, Challenges and Convergences” at the international conference on Mainstreaming at Higher Education Institutions, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe (16th September 2014).
Address by Chief Guest: “The Impact of Corruption on Women” at the launch of the research study Women’s Experiences of Corruption in the Public Service, Transparency International - Sri Lank (25th June 2014) posted at
Keynote Address: “Potentials and Possibilities for Women Media Professionals in Post-war Sri Lanka”at the 5th Anniversary Celebration, South Asian Women in Media – Sri Lanka Chapter (17th June 2014) posted at
Plenary Speech: ‘The Challenge of Gender Mainstreaming Universities’ at theinternational conference ACU Centenary Celebrations - Enhancing Gender Equity in the Leadership and Management of Higher Education, Association of Commonwealth Universities / University of Nairobi(26th August 2013) posted at
Marie Musaeus Higgins and Peter de Abrew Oration: ‘The Buddhist Education of Women – A Feminist interpretation’,Musaeus College Past Pupils Association (14th July 2013)posted at
Plenary Presentation: ‘Beyond GAD Curricula - Strategies to Integrate Gender into Universities’, at the Korea / ASEAN Conference‘ at the 1st Korea-ASEAN International Conference on Gender and Development - Learning from Gender and Development Experiences in ASEAN and Korea, Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI) and Korean-ASEAN Cooperation Project and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Korea (27th June 2013).
Special Lecture: ‘Feminist Cultural Critiques – Interrelations, Interruptions, Intersections & Incompatibilities’ at thebook launch Literature with Universal Reach, Serenity Publishing House (17th October 2012) posted at
Congratulatory Speech: ‘Towards Gender Equal & Gender Equitable Development’ at the international conferenceThe Role of “She” in Development and Transformation – 2012 Shanghai International Forum on Women’s Development, Shanghai Women’s Federation / Shanghai Municipality Committee on Women’s and Children’s Affairs, China (28th September 2012).
Plenary Speech: ‘Social & Gender Justice through Equality / Equity - A Human Rights Perspective or Human Rights Perceptions in Research?’ at the international conference Implementing Human Rights: A Way Forward, Gender Studies Department, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi / Department of Human Rights & Minorities Affairs, Government of Punjab, Pakistan (31st March 2012).
Chief Guest Speech: ‘Studying English Studies’, English Day - S. Thomas College, Bandarawela(25th March 2012) posted at
Plenary Speech: ‘Evaluating Research: A Tale of Validity, a Tale of Woe?’ at the international conferenceCritical Women: Women as Agents of Change through Higher Education, Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Association of Commonwealth Universities / Centre for Gender Studies, University of Kelaniya (7thMarch 2012).
Inaugural Address: ‘The South Asian Experience - Commonalities & Differences’,
Invited Lecture:‘Researching & Representing Violence Against Women - Some Methodological Issues, ’
Panel Discussant: Gender, Development and Empowerment at the international seminar Gender, Violence and Development – The South Asian Experience, JamiaMilliaIslamia University, New Delhi, India / UNESCO / UNITWIN / ICSSR (12th – 13th October 2011).
Opening Keynote Address: ‘Feminist Research Methodology – Concurrences & Contestations’ at the 1st Feminist Research Methodology Residential School, Rovira I Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain, (30th March 2011), posted at
Speech: ‘Gender and Sexual Harassment at the Workplace’ at the workshop Tackling Sexual Harassment: Making Good Business Sense, United Nations, Employers’ Federation of Ceylon / Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka (22nd May 2009).
Address: ‘Imagining the Future of English Studies in Sri Lankan’ at the book launch Arbiters of a National Imaginary: Essays on Sri Lanka: Festschrift for Prof Ashley Halpe (Ed. Prof. ChelvaKanaganayakam), International Centre for Ethnic Studies and the LakshmanKadiragamar Institute of International Relations, Sri Lanka (9th December 2008)posted at
Speech: ‘Address to Felicitate Ms.VivimarieVanderpooten – Winner of the Gratiaen Prize for Sri Lankan Literature’ at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Open University of Sri Lanka (16th June 2008).
Judge’s Speech: ‘”Literary Preferences are Subjective - Criteria in Evaluating Literature”, Gratiaen Award for Sri Lankan Literature in English Shortlist 2007, British Council / Gratiaen Trust, Sri Lanka (7th April 2008) posted at
Keynote Speech: ‘Gender at Work – Some Thoughts for Administrative Professionals’ at the
The Renaissance Administrative Professional (Seminar / Workshop) Academy for Administrative Professionals, Sri Lanka(5th April 2008).
Guest Speech: ‘Bad Governance and the Negligent Citizen – The Need to Account for Diversity in Good Governance and Civic Responsibilities’ at theNational Management Conference, The Institute of Management of Sri Lanka (18thOctober 2007).
Lecture: ‘The Gender Dimensions of Disaster Management in South Asia’ at the Women and Public Policy Programme, Kennedy School of Government, University of Harvard, MA, USA (8th May 2006).

Contribution to Policy(Selected)

Publication:University Grants Commission / Federation of University Teachers / CARE International, Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Violence – Strategies for Universities, University Grants Commission / Federation of University Teachers / CARE International, Colombo (2015) posted at
Publication: ILO / Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, Code of Conduct and Guidelines to Address and Prevent Sexual Harassment in Workplaces (2013).
Publication: CARE International / ILO / Employers’ Federation of Ceylon / John Keells Foundation / MAS Holdings (Pvt.) ltd. / World University Service of Canada / Lanka Jathika Estate Workers’ Union / Women and Media Collective / Sri Lanka Ethical Tea Partnership / Oxfam Colombo, Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Violence - Policy & Programing Guidelines for the Private Sector(2013) posted at
Internal Document:Ethical Review Guidelines for the University of Kelaniya(2013).
Publication: International Labour Organization / Employers Federation of Ceylon, Guidelines for Company Policy on Gender Equity / Equality, (Translated into Sinhala, Tamil and Russian), (2005).
Internal Document: Centre for Policy Alternatives, Gender Mainstreaming Policy / Strategy(2003).

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