Dr. Prabha Manuratne
Dr. Prabha ManuratneSenior Lecturer Grade II


Department of English
K 2 102
University of Kelaniya

E-mail: pmanuratne@kln.ac.lk (University)

Educational Qualification:

2016: Ph.D., English, University at Buffalo, NY.
Awarded Funded Teaching Assistantship. Thesis: “The Martyr and the Traitor: Violence and Resistance in World Literature and Cinema”
2007: M.A., English, Kansas State University. Thesis: “Distance The Poem From The Tears?” Women, Social Anxieties, and Cultural Representations in Post-1977 Sri Lanka.
2006: Certificate in Women’s Studies, Kansas State University.
2001: B.A., English (Honors), Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka.

Academic Employment & Positions:

2003-present: Lecturer, Department of English, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
March, 2017- June 2017: Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
January 2017- to date: Visiting Lecturer for teaching Sinhala to foreign students, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Ragama, Sri Lanka.
Fall 2009- Spring 2014: Teaching Assistant, Beginning and Advanced Composition and World Literature. Department of English, University at Buffalo.
Spring 2014: Instructor at Asian Studies Program, University at Buffalo. Courses taught: Women in Asian Literature/World Literature ENG 221/AS 221/GGS 222.
Fall 2013: Instructor at English Language Institute, University at Buffalo.
2001-2003: Lecturer, Department of English, University of Colombo.
2005: Instructor in English, University of Kelaniya, Diploma in English for Teachers of English.
1994-1996: Journalist, The Island newspaper.

Awards and Honors:

2014: ­Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellowship. Awarded for my dissertation research titled “The Martyr and the Traitor: Representations of Violence in Global Literature and Cinema.”
2014-2015: Riverrun Teaching Fellowship Prize, Department of English, University of Buffalo.
2005-2007: Fulbright Fellow
2006: Earl R Davies Memorial Award for the Best Student-Scholar. Department of English. Kansas State University.
2006: Member of Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honor Society


“Let Her Cry: A Cry for Feminist Cinema.” Polity. Colombo: Social Scientists’ Association, 2016.
‘Parody of War’: Pleasure at the Limits of Pornography” in Porn Archives, ed. Tim Dean, David Squires, and Steven Ruszczycky. Durham: Duke UP. 2014.
“The Power of One: The Fear of Freedom as Political Paradigm” with Buddika Bandara. Democracy Works: Theory and Action to Foster Global Change, Eds. Torry Dickinson and Terrie A Becerra. New York: Paradigm, 2008.
“The Celestial Underwear and the Challenges of Post-Colonial Art.” South Asian Journal of Visual Culture. The Colombo Institute, 2008.
“The Wind Bird’s Disruptive Dream: Working Women, Moral Anxiety, and Feminist Potential in Sulang Kirillie.” In Wimal Dissanayake Felicitation Volume, ed. Kulathilaka Kumarasinghe. Colombo: Godage Publishers, 2008.
Narrating Madness: The Ambiguous Narrative Voice of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” in Golden Jubilee Commemoration Volume of The University of Kelaniya. Kelaniya: University of Kelaniya, 2009.
Kaduwa: The Politics of the English Language in Sri Lanka, Pravada 2003.


Meena: Didulana Afghan Tharuwa, translation of Meena: Heroine of Afghanistan by Melody Ermachild Chavis. Kelaniya: Sethuka Publishers, 2008.

Conference Presentations:

“Materiality and Violence in Nihal de Silva’s The Road from Elephant Pass.” International Humanities Conference, University of Kelaniya. May 21-22, 2016.
“Translating Taboo: Homosexuality and Violence in Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy and Sugathapala de Silva’s Amutu Ilandariya.” Translation Theory Today Conference, City University of New York. May 5-6, 2016.
“Forms of Belonging and the Ethics of Betrayal in Etel Adnan’s Sitt Marie-Rose.” International Humanities Conference, University of Kelaniya. May 21-22, 2015.
“Accidental Martyrs: The Representation of Martyrdom in the Fiction of Sahar Khalifeh.” Annual Research Symposium of the National Centre for Advanced Studies, Sri Lanka. June 8-9, 2015.
“Violent Places: Landscapes of Violence in the Music of Ajith Kumarasiri.” Sri Lanka Graduate Conference. New School for Social Research, NY. March 25-26, 2011.
“The Usurped Sovereign, Homo Sacer, and the Politics of Suicide Bombing.” Social Theory Forum Annual Conference. University of Massachusetts, Boston. April 13-14, 2011.
“Gemak Demuda, Machan?” Reimagining Globalization in Uberto Passolini’s film Machan. Sri Lanka Graduate Conference. New School for Social Research, NY. April, 2010.
“My Dream Has Come True: Reconstructing Cultural History through Women’s Narratives of their Life-Histories.” International Conference of the Social Sciences. University of Kelaniya. July, 2008.
“Colonizing Gender: Literary Representations of the Impact of Colonialism on Gender in Native American Societies.” Graduate-Faculty Symposium. University of Kelaniya, 2007.
“Consenting to Ignorance: An Analysis of the Hostility towards Anti-War films in Sri Lanka.” Cultural Studies Conference on “Entertainment,” Kansas State University, March 2007.
“The Celestial Underwear and the Challenges of Postcolonial Art.” South Asia Regional Conference, Wisconsin, Madison. October 2006.
“Privacy in the Age of Psychoanalysis” Cultural Studies Conference titled Privacy (and Secrecy). Kansas State University. March 2006.
“Not In Theory: The Relevance of Critical Theory in Sri Lankan Universities.” Graduate Student and Faculty Conference, University of Kelaniya, 2004.

University Contributions:

Faculty Coordinator for Faculty of Humanities, International Post-Graduate Research Conference, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya. 2015, 2016.
Member of the editorial committee of the Kalyani journal, University of Kelaniya, 2017.
University representative for the Parliament Page Program 2016-2017.
Abstract Writing Training Workshop for the lecturers of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya. August, 2015.
Resource Person for Staff Development Program, Faculty of Humanities, 2016.
Resource Person for Staff Development Program, Faculty of Social Sciences, 2016.
Consulting Coordinator for Undergraduate Research Symposium, Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya, 2015.
Teaching for Department of Sinhala, Faculty of Humanities, 2016.
Department representative for the Cooperate Plan Committee, 2016.
Member of the editorial committee of the Humanities Journal, University of Kelaniya 2008-2009.

Other Contributions:

Member of the Panel of Judges at the State Literary Festival 2015, 2016.
Member of the Sub-Committee on Literature of the National Arts Council.
Served on the UMBRA editorial committee in 2011 and 2014.
Co-coordinator of the Foundations in South Asian Studies Reading Group 2013-2014, University at Buffalo.
Served as a volunteer/consultant to the Women’s Bank, a micro savings scheme of urban and rural low-income women in Sri Lanka.
Volunteer editor of Sethuka Publishers, an activist publishing group committed to translating progressive books into the Sinhala language in Sri Lanka.
Resources Person for Women’s Education and Research Collective.

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