Kelaniya English Literary Festival
KELF - 2020

The Kelaniya English Literary Festival is an annual event organized by the Department of English of the University of Kelaniya to commemorate the life of Professor Manique Gunesekera.
This festival includes a series of workshops for O/L and A/L students, teacher training workshops, panel discussions with eminent personalities from the literary and academic fields in Sri Lanka, literary readings, creative performances by undergraduates, along with many other activities.
We hope you enjoy this glimpse of KELF over the years and look forward to seeing you at phase 2 because this time, it is just a click away

The Department of English of the University of Kelaniya is a space where students are inspired to be fearless in their pursuit of knowledge and most importantly to voice what is left “untold”.

The Untold is a magazine that has been published by the fourth year undergraduates of the department, and consists of creative and critical works of undergraduates from different faculties and universities.

Project Manager- Anuradha Gamage

Editors- Hiruni Ranaweera and Shehi Ishara

Digital Media Director - Santhusha Nawalahewa

Marketing Director- Ranthilini Vithanage

 Finance Director - Pabasara Herath

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5 වසරේ පොඩ් ළමයෙක් අම්මාගෙන් නගපු පැණයක්

This poem was written by Pubudu Kaushalya from the Faculty of Management, University of Rajarata. It portrays a child's inquisition about politics and satirically points towards the realities that we have to grapple with on a daily basis.

Recited by

Anuradha Gamage


Santhusha Nawalahewa

ச ொல்லுகிறேன்

This poem was written by Aravinthen R from the University of Jaffna. As a person who has experienced the consequences of war, the poet discusses his fears as a young boy and his desire to see a country free of terrorism in the future.

Recited by Dunsan Keerthan from the Facutly of Science, University of Kelaniya

This artwork was submitted by Ijaz Mubarak of the University Kelaniya. It traces the complicated biological, psychological and philosophical implications of the connection between the heart and the brain.

Presented by

Santhusha Nawalahewa

"...You see those eyes?
Filled with untold fears and tears
Even more clearly, when that masquerade
Only reveals their eyes..."
The poem is written and recited by Parami Ranasinghe and the artwork is by Nuzla Niyas. They are both third-year undergraduates of the Department of English, University of Kelaniya.





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