Why should you study English as a subject?

  • As a student of English, you will develop a passion for the aesthetics of literature, expand your knowledge on the evolving nature of language and its usage, be able to consider the ways in which literary production both reflects and shapes social forms and identities, and become familiar with literary / critical theoretical concepts pertaining to the study of literature. This will help you to appreciate the wealth of knowledge in the Discipline of English.
  • You will sharpen your analytical skills, develop the ability to think critically, hold and argue independent opinions, which will in turn, enable you to contribute to any field of study/work through providing constructive feedback.
  • The lecturers are proactive, and the interactive sessions will encourage you to engage in debate and discussion. The student-oriented classroom environment will cultivate your self-confidence and skills in communication.
  • The wide range of subjects offered in the syllabus is frequently revisited to ensure that it corresponds with the current trends in English Studies and the growing needs of society. This guarantees that you remain at the cutting edge of a discipline that is both relevant and fascinating within and outside the classroom.
  • The approach taken by the Department is unique in its attempts to provide you with a solid foundation in which to grow and develop intellectually, especially by stimulating an interest within you to engage in research.
  • In reading English, you will constantly probe your own thinking and become sensitized to issues pertaining your own lives and society. You will be urged to be open-minded and receptive with the larger objective of developing an ethic of sensitivity, respect and tolerance especially towards social, political, cultural and other differences.
  • A degree in English is a stepping-stone to an array of professions. Students of English have diverse options ranging from the government service, foreign affairs, development programs, education, tourism, management, journalism, advertising and creative writing to name a few. Irrespective of your field of interest, you will be equipped with the basic tools necessary to face the challenging environment in your respective professions.
  • The additional expertise required to face the increasing demands of the job market are also met by enhancing and fine-tuning soft skills and professional skills through assignments, presentations, report-writing, mock-interviews, research, internships and various projects. This will give you the ability to work in a team, develop leadership skills, cultivate self-confidence and self-motivation, which are essential to modern day work organizations.
  • The study of English is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary; it encompasses diverse fields of interest like politics, history, philosophy, gender and diversity studies, psychology, and critical theories that are part of a larger body of knowledge. This holistic understanding of the world will give you the potential to distinguish yourself in any environment.
  • The English Department is dynamic and forward thinking in its approach, and will train you to be insightful and productive in whatever capacity you may choose to function. 

What do we expect from our students?

  • Students are expected to demonstrate an excellent command of the English language with commendable writing and analytical skills.

  • Students should have followed English as a subject in their A/L Examination or passed the aptitude test once they enter university.

  • Students should be prepared to work under pressure in meeting deadlines, which is an essential requirement when completing our comprehensive syllabus.

  • Students should be committed to reading widely (above and beyond the discipline of English) and contributing actively to the issues raised in class.

  • Students are expected to participate in extra-curricular activities conducted by the English Department to enrich their experience as undergraduates.

  • The Department prides itself in the high standards maintained, and encourages those who follow English as a subject to adhere to the expectations of the staff by consistently improving their vocabulary and knowledge.



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