The Malaysian Buddhist Academy (MyBA)

The Malaysian Buddhist Academy (MyBA), established in 2012 under the purview of the Malaysian Buddhist Academy Foundation, is a non-sectarian, non-profit, and  non-governmental charitable organisation created to serve the needs of all people, especially the Malaysian community, regardless of race, creed, or religion.

Its main objective is to offer a framework for an intellectual and systematic approach to studying Buddhism, which is crucial for developing a comprehensive understanding of oneself in connection to society and the wider world. This is in line with the ideal goals, as well as the kind donations and assistance from generous benefactors...

The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong Ltd

The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong Ltd. (BDCHK) was established in April 2012. The primary aims of the Centre are to promote the study and research of Buddhism through academic courses and publications, and to integrate Buddhist study and spiritual praxis. Enrolment to its academic programmes will be open to local as well as students from abroad and from both the lay and sangha communities. It will also conduct regular seminars, lectures and conferences and organize related activities which will be open to the general public.

The founding members of the Centre are a group of post-graduate students of the Centre of Buddhist Studies of the University of Hong Kong and Venerable Professor KL Dhammajoti, who is currently the Glorious Sun Endowed Professor in Buddhist Studies of The University of Hong Kong....


Mid-America Buddhist Association (MABA)

In 1991, a small group of Buddhists living in St. Louis, MO met in each other’s homes to study the Dharma, soon thereafter forming the St. Louis Buddhist Association. The organization discovered it needed a home for its meetings, so in 1994, the Mid-America Buddhist Association (MABA) was established and became an official non-profit organization.

Land was purchased in Augusta, MO and a Chinese Buddhist Retreat Center was created. At the group’s invitation, two renowned Chinese monks, Venerable Jan Hai and Venerable Ji Ru, became Chairman and Vice Chairman. Over the next four years, MABA grew under the leadership of these two monks. 

In 1998, Venerable Jan Hai moved on to another monastery and Venerable Ji Ru became Abbot of MABA. Under Master Ji Ru’s direction, the monastery grew to include a Guan Yin Pavilion, a mausoleum, Dizang Hall, as well as male and female dormitories to accommodate visitors. 

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