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International Buddhist Conference 2021

‘Erroneous Interpretations and Misconceptions on Theravada Buddhism’

 Tuesday 23th March 2021

Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies
M.A in Buddhist studeis has been commenced
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Diploma and Higher Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies
Diploma and diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies have been commenced
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The Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies is one of the oldest departments that exists in the faculty of Humanities and has an outstanding international reputation. It is a vigorous and expanding center of teaching and research and remains deeply committed to the study of Pali and Buddhist Studies. The department handles four main disciplines. They are Pali, Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Culture and Buddhist Psychology.

Pali Language

The Pāli language occupies an important place among the classical languages that still have a historical value.

Buddhist Philosophy

Buddhist Philosophy is an area of knowledge unique among Indian thought. 

Buddhist Culture

In the area of Buddhist Culture an advanced study of Buddhism and the evolving of culture is pursued. 

Buddhist Psychology

Buddhist Psychology is evidently aimed to achieve human-well being through the mental development.

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