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Training academically and pertinently competent Buddhist scholars to dedicate for the wellbeing of every living thing.

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Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies

Department of Pāli and Buddhist Studies is a pioneering department at the University of Kelaniya which was known as the ‘Buddhist Faculty’ at the outset of the Vidyalankara University. The main purpose of the Department is to promote large areas of studies and researches on Buddhism giving pivotal attention to Pāli Canon while also academically scrutinizing the teachings of the Buddha together with its philosophical and cultural aspects. Indeed, the mission of the department is to enable the student to handle the wide field of Buddhist Studies successfully. Consequently, Pali, Buddhist Philosophy and Buddhist Culture are the main subjects in the curricula of this Department and it offers a broad range of Buddhist and Pali studies at postgraduate research (M.A./M.Phil./Ph.D.) and undergraduate levels. As a result of the interest in the study of Buddhism, this department has acquired a remarkable upsurge of fame among the other academic Buddhist institutions both in Sri Lanka and overseas. Thus, a remarkable number of foreign students from various countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh are studying in this department. Further, countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and China, America conduct academics in Buddhist Studies and conferment degrees following the subject syllabi and other guidelines of the Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies of the University of Kelaniya.

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Diploma in Buddhist Studies

Today there is a growing interest in religions, in view of the rising tension in the society and separate individuals. People from different walks of life seek support from religious teachings to find solutions to their problems. Many people living in different parts of the world now think Buddha’s teachings can provide sustainable solution to current problems. As a result, Buddhism is becoming a growing faith in the world, particularly in America and Europe. We have also seen a worldwide increase in academic interest in relation to science and Buddhism.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in Pali

The overall aim of the Honours Degree programme in Pāli is to produce emerging scholars of Pāli studies well conversant with the knowledge of tradition and its primary and secondary sources, to provide promising young learners the opportunity to enrich their reading and research skills with modern and updated knowledge and experience of the academic studies of Buddhology and Indology. It is also aimed to enrich the student with necessary traditional and modern linguistic skills to engage in research to widen the horizons of Pāli and Buddhist studies...

Master of Arts Degree in Buddhist Studies

The course is aimed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of Pāli Buddhism, Buddhist Psychology and Psychological Counseling, Buddhism and Social problems, International Trends of Buddhism, Buddhist Literary Criticism, in which students are expected to be aware of the Theravāda primary sources and various trends depicted through which.

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