Kelaniya University was founded in 1958 and then it was known as Vidyalankara University. Department of Sanskrit flourishes as one of its earliest departments. The founder head of the Department was the erudite Scholar, Professor, Rahula Sankrtyayana who initiated the academic work of the Department by imparting knowledge to six undergraduates. Since 1966 till 1974 the talented professor, Santi Bhikshu Sastri offered his service as the Head of the Department. Professor Sastri was succeeded by Prof. Suamanlal Kekulawala who guided the Department from 1974 to 1979. In 1979 Ven. Maramba Ratanasara was appointed the Head and after that Professor M.H.F.Jayasuriya became the head of the department. He was succeeded by Professor S.Weeratunga. In 1997 Rev. Nawagamuwe Revata became the Head after whose office in 2003, Ven. Dr. Kahapola Sugataratana was appointed the head of the Department. In 2005 Professor, S.A.G.Wijesinghe undertook the burden and Ven.Dr.Induragare Dhammaratana became the head of the department. Now the department has been located in a new block so as to enable it to expand its services.


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