Bachelor of Arts Honers Degree

Duration: 4 Years / 8 Semesters
BA Honers Degree in Sanskrit

1st Year

SANS 21513  C          Sanskrit Syntax & Composition

SANS 21524  C          Classical Sanskrit Verse Literature


SANS 21534  C          Sources on Social & Political Science

SANS 21544  C          Aspects of Hindu Religion

SANS 22552  C          Sanskrit Language Analysis

SANS 22563  C          Sanskrit Grammar & Comprehension

SANS 22575  C          Vedic Literature & Culture

SANS 22585  C          Six Systems of Indian Philosophy


2nd Year

SANS 31513  C          Innovative Words & Comprehension

SANS 31524  C          Hindu - Buddhist Dialectics

SANS 31534  C          Theory of Emptiness in Buddhist Sanskrit Philosophy

SANS 31544  C          Sanskrit Prose Literature

SANS 32553  C          Sanskrit Essay & Unspecified Texts

SANS 32564  C          Theory of Consciousness in Buddhist Sanskrit Philosophy

SANS 32574  C          Sanskrit Dramaturgy and Prosody

SANS 32584  C          Sanskrit Literature of Sri Lanka


3rd Year

SANS 41513  C          Päninian Grammar

SANS 41524  C          Sanskrit Poetics

SANS 41534  C          Sanskrit Dramatic Literature

SANS 41544  C          Sanskrit Śāstra Literature

SANS 42552  C          Teaching & Research Methodology

SANS 42563  C          Sanskrit Grammatical Traditions and Composition

SANS 42574  C          Sanskrit Linguistics

SANS 42586  C          Dissertation


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