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At the University of Kelaniya, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences offer the Bachelor of Arts degree jointly. The prestigious history of these faculties, as well as their current, updated curricula attracts students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to the two faculties every year.
The Bachelor of Arts Degree Programme is offered through 10 departments of the Faculty of Humanities and 12 departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Students have the option of studying three main subjects and taking several other courses from these or other faculties.
The proposed curriculum revision is a response to the growing need to align the Bachelor of Arts Degree programme offered by the university with new higher educational trends and markets. It addresses several recommendations made following the Programme Review that was conducted by the QAC of the UGC at the Faculty of Humanities in 2017. The proposed curriculum revision also fulfils the changes proposed under the ELTA ELSE grant of the AHEAD project. The proposal won a Rs.100 million grant to develop the Faculty of Humanities, under which it was proposed that more English instruction and an internship programme be introduced to the Bachelor of Arts degree. 
As part of developing the degree programme, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences have collaborated to update the entire curriculum across the two faculties, introducing a new Professional Studies Stream that will further strengthen the degree. In addition to introducing more English instruction and internships, the new stream also introduces several courses that will lead to greater flexibility, work-readiness, and ethical responsibility in the Arts graduates of the University of Kelaniya.


The Faculty of Humanities of University of Kelaniya is unique for being the only independent Faculty in Sri Lanka, reserved separately for the field of Humanities. Our Faculty has ten Read More..
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