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About the Research Center

Research Center of the Faculty of Humanities (RCFH) has been established with the aim of fostering a research culture within the Faculty of Humanities by creating a stimulating interdisciplinary community of academics to share knowledge through intensive discussions with each other and with eminent external scholars of diverse fields. Through the RCFH, it is further expected to encourage the staff to get more competitive grants from national and international granting agencies and publish their research in highly reputed international journals in addition to publishing in local journals, felicitation volumes and as monographs.


  • Encourage innovative broad-ranging and collaborative research in the Humanities for the 21st century
  • Create a dynamic research environment in the faculty
  • Raise the research profile of the Faculty
  • Initiate new research activities
  • Encourage and support multidisciplinary research within the Faculty of Humanities and among faculties
  • Advise on and encourage the pursuit of outside funding for Humanities research


  • Developing strategies to improve research in all fields of Humanities
  • Building and maintaining databases relevant to different fields of Humanities
  • Identifying research topics and promoting pilot studies for interdisciplinary research
  • Providing research assistance for junior scholars
  • Encouraging the share of resources among academics within the University and with other institutions and organizations
  • Conducting national and international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops to promote research in Humanities
  • Organizing guest lectures from eminent scholars
  • Providing funding for research activities training and publications

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