About us

This Academic unit offers academic programmes under two main subjects. The first subject, Drama & Theatre includes theoretical and practical components. Traditions, forms, trends and history of local and foreign drama are emphasized in the course. It also has a practical component. This consists of courses in acting, directing, play production through practical sessions and workshops.

The second degree programme conducted by the unit is Image Arts. Camera based art forms such as Photography, Videography, Cinema, Television and Computer generated image making form the contents of this programme. Under this programme Theoretical and practical course unit on Photography, Videography, Cinema, and Television are offered with special emphasis on creativity and applications.

As no pre-requisite is required for gaining admission to the courses in Drama and Theatre and Image Arts, any student who has obtained addmission to register under Humanities and Social Science faculties can follow these two courses. However special preference will be given to fresh students who display talents in painting, music, dancing, acting, creative writing, photography and videography etc.

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